Delaware Democrats In REAL Fear!

Posted October 30th, 2010 by Iron Mike

In tiny Delaware and across our land there is ONE woman Democrats really fear, and it’s NOT Sarah Palin.  High-energy, feisty, beautiful, and solidly conservative, Christine O’Donnell is after the US Senate seat once inhabited by our Village Idiot – Joe Biden.  

Why are Dems terrified – so terrified of this tiny lady that they paid a sleazy website “Gawker” to gin up a phony story about a one-night stand – complete with “proof” photos?  

Because this young conservative was once pro-abortion.  Then at age 21 she saw a medical journal photo story about abortion – and had an epiphany and became totally pro-life.  This scares liberals to the core – a pro-life conservative who holds beliefs and values based on adult thinking and deep conviction, – not just from political expediency.  

Her young adult years have been somewhat tumultuous as she struggled to complete college, do political work, make a living, pay back taxes and tuition bills and run for the Senate twice before. Unlike the political privileged class, you think she might actually understand what we live through?  

Christine hasn’t had it easy, but hasn’t shirked away from the tough fights.  Her persistence scares the crap out of Democrats who by 2010 are totally used to either bullying or buying their way on the political stage.  Struggling to pull their usual dirty trick they found back taxes and late tuition bills.  Paid.  They claimed “witchcraft” only to look petty and foolish for bringing up a college remark.  

So they looked for sex scandals.  None.  Desperate,  they invented one and tried to use it as their ‘October surprise’.   It has blown up in their face

Her opponent is Chris Coons a former young Republican turned Democrat Yale lawyer – born in pricy Greenwich. Connecticut.  He has represented Democrat causes and big industry – such as Gore-Tex.  He’s totally on board with Obama.  As a New Castle County Councilman he voted repeatedly to raise taxes.  He has a great face for radio.

As of this morning Christine is still trailing in the polls.  But for a gal who was once some 20 points back, she’s gaining fast, eating into Coons’ support.  She ate his lunch in a debate this week.  Democrats should be worried.  Go Christine!!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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