Defiance, Or Desperate Bid For Attention?

Posted January 14th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Barely a year after having the Traitor Obama commute his/her 35-year sentence for TREASON,   Chelsea Manning paid the $290.oo fee to run for the US Senate as a Democrat,  – to face 74 year old Ben Cardin in the June 26th Primary.

He/she’s running as a Democrat OF COURSE!   Where ELSE would a transgender traitor feel like they’re in good company?  
Wanna bet the Media gives this treasonous twerp 10 x times the coverage of all other candidates COMBINED?

4 Responses to “Defiance, Or Desperate Bid For Attention?”

  1. Mt Woman

    I truly believe that If she choose to run, Ms Manning will win. The liberals in Maryland are falling over themselves to feel good about their vote to elect Ms Manning to the US Senate. What better way to get back on Trump and the Republican in Congess than to elect a traitor to the US Senate.

  2. Sonny's Mom

    Mt Woman: Against 8 other primary candidates on the Dem side?

    Anyway, Manning is an emotional cripple, long history of instability and MH issues, should have been screened out and not permitted to enlist. (skip to paragraph 4)

    And as some BB reader pointed out, Manning can’t even get a security clearance now.

  3. Walter Knight

    Does Manning’s pardon cover his dishonorable discharge, allowing him to run for Congress? I think Manning well represents the Democrat Party. Go gurl!

  4. Kojack

    Walter, you stole my thunder. BRADLEY Manning(you can change the plumbing but not the DNA) well represents the DEMOCRAP party of LEECHES, FREAKS, THEIVES, TRAITORS, COMMIES, HYPOCRITES and SELF-DECLARED VICTIMS. If I forgot any group(s) please accept my sincere apologies.