Defeat Obama – Decisively!

Posted April 22nd, 2012 by Iron Mike

It is not enough that a Republican [Mitt?] oust Obama this November.

Obama must be handed a life-altering crushing defeat!

Anything less than a sweeping and decisive repudiation of the Obama Cartel will have long-term and dire consequences for our Nation.

Today too many Republicans are overly focused on Nov 6th.  While I can forgive them for their pent-up anxiety, the fact is that a slim [or worse – a contested] Romney victory will set in motion the Democratic spin machine that we saw in 2001 after the Dade County hanging chads.

Only It Will Be Worse!

Blacks will be told that ‘Whitey and the Tea Party stole the election…’, and the four years of racial divisions so painfully sown by Obama will bloom and bear fruit.

These four years of racial politics and race-baiting by Obama – to specifically include his wife Michelle, his AG Eric Holder, his advisor Valerie Jarrett, and his personal goon Van Jones will take years to repair – and that can only be done in an overall improving economy.

Think back quickly to his knee-jerk reaction to the arrest of Professor Gates by Sergeant Crowley, the failure to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation, and his blatant personalization of the Trayvon Martin incident.

All are the specific actions of a president who sees everything through severely racial eyes.

A narrow or contested Romney victory will make this new racial division fester for another generation – or longer.

The Obama Cartel shamelessly pandered to every group in our society, – promising and lying specifically to each in turn, then ruthlessly failing to deliver, and in most cases – throwing them under the bus.  But in a campaign of glitz, glamour, and mass marketing, many will not understand how they’ve been used, and how they’ll likely fare during and after a second Obamanation.

It will be our job – each thinking American – to make the case – often several times a day in face-to-face campaigning.

I’m not counting much on the official Republican or Romney camps to get the job done. Romney just wants to win – even if by a single electoral vote. That ~ may ~ may be enough for him, it’s hardly the victory WE need!

Full disclosure here – Mitt is NOT my candidate of choice. But it seems he is the horse we’ll be given to ride, so we must pray he picks a worthy running mate and mounts a ferocious no-holes-bared campaign.

We, you-and-I – must all mount our own local campaigns – every day for the next 197 days. Our interest is not the ego of a candidate, it is the interest of citizens, of parents and grandparents. I for one do not intend to sit idly by and watch the country my parents gave me descend into the quicksand of international socialism.

It’s NOT About The Candidates!

November 6th is NOT about Romney vs Obama. It’s MUCH BIGGER than just that.

It’s about whether we keep our Constitutional form of Free Enterprise / Private Property Republic…

– or tear it down and create in it’s place a form of third world socialist oligarchy.

The same issue was there in 2008, but frankly the Republicans were oblivious, the RiNOs were inept, McCain was a pussy, and the ‘Democrats’ [aka Socialists] camouflaged their goals behind Hope and Change.

Any objections were quickly extinguished when the Democrats and the media shouted ‘RACISM’. That word kept good Americans meek and silent.

We cannot trust the Republicans, the RiNOs or even Mitt Romney to be any braver or bolder about the struggle this year.

Worse, Obama started a new class war. The charge that the ‘rich aren’t doing their fair share’ rings right out of the Russian Revolution.

Remember – Stalin killed the Kulaks! Even a poor farmer who had a tin roof was classified as ‘a rich blood-sucking kulak’ – and shot!  As a result – millions in the Ukraine starved to death.

In China under Mao – upwards of 60 Million were executed.

Certain Groups Will Vote For Obama & Socialism Regardless Of The Facts

– certain government workers – who figure THEY are the ruling class. They’ve gotten very used to eating the fatted calf – as the recent GSA scandal fully reveals.

– One World Socialists – who believe Obama is moving too slowly

– college professors – who have never worked a day in the private sector, – and who have academic dreams of being important in a utopian new world.

– Yellow Dog Democrats – who ‘would vote for a yellow dog – before voting for a Republican’

– some Blacks – who will always see everything as a black-white racial struggle.

– some gays – who believe Obama is an ally ~ maybe ~ even one of them.

– life-long drug users – who believe Obama will legalize everything in a second term

– many families of special need children – who believe government should be carrying their burden

– social workers – who have turned a life dedicated to worthy and noble charitable work into government careers

– global warming hucksters – who have been getting rich under Obama. They haven’t yet figured out that he’d give government $$ to anybody – if it weakened the economy and led to collapse

– union leadership – who are totally in on the game.

– people struggling with major illness and/or disabilities, who believe government should be carrying their burden.

Together – they comprise an almost unbeatable majority.



Each Patriot – Military – Law Enforcement – Fire/EMT – Elected Official who has EVER sworn an oath to our Constitution, should look at the reality facing us and repudiate this Cartel.

On our Southern Border he has thrown Agent Brian Terry under the bus of ignoring illegal drugs and illegal immigration.

In Iraq he pulled out too early, leaving the country to the mercy of Iran.

In Afghanistan he has played the same game Harry Truman, LBJ, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton did in their time – he pussy-footed around – not trying to win, – JUST trying not to look like a loser.

He seems unable or unwilling to deal with Iran, North Korea, China, and the Arab Spring. He has totally abandoned Israel. American Jews should take full note of this.

Teachers – union and non-union – MUST stop being the Pied Pipers of Socialism, and must now lead their students away from the Cartel.

Blacks must realize their situation has worsened considerably under this ‘first black president’. They must realize that their hope of fully realizing the American Dream does not rest in the hands of a pretender who secretly hates this country – and who will use them as tools in his version of an anti-colonial struggle.

The only hope for inner-city Blacks to become upwardly mobile is education and jobs. Obama has systematically and methodically removed worthwhile employment as an option.

Worse, by leaving unchecked the flow of illegal immigrants – he has managed to undercut any chance for poorly educated Blacks to work their way upwards in the trades, because illegals are now occupying those jobs.

Union workers – both in the factories, in the trades, and now to a large extent in the public sector must realize that their leaders have used them – and their dues – to gain personal power, – personal wealth, and political clout.

But they have ALSO in too many cases looted union retirement funds, and allowed municipal retirement funds to go under-funded.

AND, – by supporting the disastrous Obama administration, the damage done to union pension funds invested in the markets has been severe – in come cases unrecoverable. Union workers have been sold a bill of goods, – and sold out! Now they must put aside their ‘union solidarity’ in the voting booth.

Industrial union workers must understand that without reliable and cheap energy – which Obama has stopped – industrial jobs will cease to exist. The abandoned factory and the decaying inner city are the calling cards of the Democratic Party!

Hispanics and Latinos need only look at our inner cities to see what has happened to the descendants of the slaves.

Generations of ‘Black Loyalty’ to the Democratic Machine has made American Blacks slaves again, – this time to the welfare check, government programs, and drugs.

White middle-class Americans – the grandchildren of the ‘Greatest Generation’ and the progeny of the American Industrial Revolution – must see that Obama and his cartel have just spent 39 months deliberately tearing down the American Dream under the false flags of ‘ObamaCare’, ‘Cap & Trade’, ‘Green Jobs’ and ‘Climate Change’.

They must have the courage to realize that IF electing America’s ‘first Black President’ was an expression of fairness or ‘an idea who’s time had come’, – that the experiment was a dismal failure – – NOT because Obama is [half] Black – but because he is the WRONG MAN – regardless of what color or what religion he is.

He is the WRONG MAN because he hates our country, – despises our values, ridicules our Constitution, and has been working to demean our military and destroy our economy. HE MUST GO!

He must be defeated so soundly that he can never dream of a comeback in 2016 or 2020 or 2024.

Let him go build cheap fall-apart houses with Jimmy Carter, – and observe foreign elections.

Anything LESS than a CRUSHING HUMILIATION will set the stage for a comeback campaign. Let us resolve to CRUSH HIM!

Let’s rid ourselves of this plague and get back to the business of being America!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

6 Responses to “Defeat Obama – Decisively!”

  1. Sue

    Mike, one of your most important posts. I wish there was some way to get this more widely circulated. Every American should thoughtfully and with an open mind, read this post.


    We have to knock 0bama down soundly so he can’t get up again in the future. He has to be taught a lesson – that you can not do this damage to our country and expect to be re-elected.

    0bama needs to crawl away somewhere, perhaps Hawaii, and write another book. Maybe this time he will blame himself.

  3. Sue

    Glenn Beck had a segment on his TV show tonight almost, literally, word for word part of this post.

  4. Karen G

    An incredible, admirably researched, and well-written post! If those of us who love and respect and desire to live under the guidance and protection of our Constitution vow to “flip” even one Obama voter, we are on the right track…I fear for my children and grandchildren if this destroyer of hope is re-elected.

    Thank you RRB for giving witness to the truth, clearly and with passion.

  5. Flick

    This is the true ‘State of the Union’! It’s such a shame that it wasn’t downloaded to B. HUSSEIN Obama’s teleprompter for delivery to America that evening instead of the politicking drivel that he spewed.

    I voted in PA today, and I was PROUD to show my ID. Poll workers agreed that it should be a FEDERAL law and not just a state-mandated requirement.

    One small step for man…

  6. jim morose

    Mike, Excellent!!, If Paul Revere was riding today, this message would be playing loud and clear from every belfry, IPOD, DVD, Cable-station, and podium across the nation. Do you want to make a DVD of this subject so some of “we the people” can inform the tories?

    I have access to cable access equipment, you can see the 3hrs. of the Boston Common Tea Party Patriot Rally at dvd-ondemand, select political shows, pick Tea party April-15,
    Peace, Love, and debt-free.