Deep Down Democrats HATE The USA

Posted October 9th, 2019 by Iron Mike

They don’t love or even respect our Country; – they love POWER and being ‘important’…
Henry Kyle Frese was supposed to be a ‘counter-terrorism expert’ – working for the DIA in Washington.  But his social media accounts were full of Trump hatred.  He shared highly classified information with his pillow-mate.  He was arrested this morning,  – and with luck the next 20 – 30 years of his life will be pure hell.  He deserves it.

Amanda MaciasCNBC Reporter was Henry’s pillow-mate – and may be the person who urged him to pull some secret files which had NOTHING to do with his own work.

Officials became suspicious when some of that material became part of the evening news.

Courtney Kube – NBC News (married to US Marine Eric Dent) may have received the stolen secrets from her friend Amanda.

One would think that as a Marine wife,  – she’d have a heightened sense of awareness and honor….but after all,  – she’s a reporter,  – and they consider themselves part of a separate and detached world.

Kyle has opinions to share on many subjects.  Sure hope he wore clean underwear to work this morning.

I think Amanda will rat him out, – and she’ll have a new boyfriend (roommate) within weeks.

JUST TO BE CLEAR:  This old blogger and many of RRB’s most faithful readers were all entrusted with REAL SECRETS – back in our day….

…and all of us are STILL KEEPING THEM!

We despise people like Frese,  just as we still despise Benedict Arnold,  Klaus Fuchs,  the Rosenbergs,  the Walkers,  Aldrich Ames,  and Robert Hanssen.

3 Responses to “Deep Down Democrats HATE The USA”

  1. Nanda Green

    Too bad we don’t electrocute traitors anymore.

  2. Walter Knight

    People who think they are important sometimes need to be reminded they can be replaced.

  3. Ben

    Traitors are just useful idiots. They don’t seem to understand that as soon as they are found out no one needs them . They are not too bright , they need attention. They need to feel important.