Debbie’s Nightmares

Posted May 20th, 2012 by Iron Mike

First a Texas convict, now a Chattanooga lawyer* – both embarrassing Obama by showing the disenchantment sweeping even liberal America.

Two weeks ago Federal Inmate Keith Russell Judd took 41% of the West VA primary votes away from Obama. 

This Tuesday, ultra-progressive Tennessee Lawyer John Wolfe, Jr. could do even better in Arkansas. 

DNC Tasmanian Devil Deb Wasserman-Schultz is frothing at the mouth. Threats have already been issued! 

Few convicted prisoners have managed to become president.  [Lech Wa??sa of Poland and Nelson Mandela of South Africa are notable exceptions.] I’m guessing that Judd won’t be a factor in Charlotte.

But already pissed and unnerved – even before the vote on Tuesday – Wasserman-Schultz has issued a threat not to seat any delegates that Wolfe wins. 

[HOW will they know; – will they ask for ID?  Tee Hee!]

We at RRB are no real fans of John Wolfe.  He fits right in with Pocahontas Dizzy Lizzy Warren in political philosophy, – and sort of with Ron Paul in foreign policy.  Overall he believes that Obama isn’t progressive enough!  Wow!

He wants to add a tax on Wall Street bankers who trade in derivatives, he wants a single-payer national health system, and he wants to force Israel back to their pre-’67 borders. 

So we don’t agree with anything he says.  But from here to Charlotte we’ll cheer him on, since he is ripping the mask of civility off the Obama Cartel.

Anybody think that ~ just maybe ~ Arkansas isn’t lovin’ Obama these days?

So Debbie, are you ready to write off the Arkansas vote?  Go ahead, show ’em how the mob does politics!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

BTW, this is sort of how the Romney Campaign was planning to deal with the Ronald Reagan Liberty Unity Slate from Massachusetts – i.e. refuse to seat them. 

* Texas convict – – – Chattanooga lawyer: Does kind of cover the spectrum of the Democratic Party… 

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