Debating MoonBats – Is It Worth It?

Posted October 11th, 2012 by Iron Mike

I attended the twin debates in Devens last night.

When you know the players – the outcome is pretty predictable.  Few minds will be changed.

I had more fun outside with the sign-holders.  The majority of the Dems were cowardly.

First up was the CavarettaEldridge debate:


Regular readers know how much I detest JamieBoy – the most dangerous socialist in the state.

Last night I was impressed by Dean’s preparation and his grasp of the issues.  He sounded a lot more Republican than I’ve ever heard him, – perhaps because JamieBoy was way off the deep end on the left.

It’s really pathetic to see what passes in this Moonbat state for good government.  JamieBoy kept talking about all the ribbon-cuttings he’s been going to – as if to imply that things are getting better here.

He ignores Evergreen Solar going bankrupt [800 laid off / $54 Mil of our tax dollars] and Fidelity moving 5,000 jobs out of state – all on his watch.

Last night he was reeking liberal arrogance and disdain as he espoused a series of taxes ‘to level the playing field’.  He must have collected some serious campaign cash from Willow Books – he mentioned them 4 times.  He also wants to eliminate the 3-strikes law for pedophiles – replacing it with ‘prevention’.  Yeah Jamie, how does THAT work? [Jamie was a major sponsor of the Transgender Bathroom Bill – his personal priority for 2 years.]

Dean did the best job of anybody I’ve ever watch debate Eldridge – slamming him several times.  His best shot was asking JamieBoy if there had ever been a tax cut he supported.  I thought the boy would choke! [Yeah, I was kinda’ hoping.]

Then it was time for the TsongasGolnik event:

Niki was on her best game [her kindly grandmother act] – while Jon Golnik seemed a little off his.  Lefty moderator Asquino managed to keep mispronouncing his name.

The first question settled the whole evening; – ‘are you better off today than 4 years ago?’

Jon bluntly said NO!  

Niki said ‘Absolutely we’re better off…’ and rambled on about the mess George Bush had created.  [I remember buying gas under Bush – for $1.83/gal.]

Throughout the night Niki looked and acted very smug – talking about taxing the 2%, reciting all of Obama’s class-warfare talking points, and defending his cuts to Medicare and his squandering Billions on companies like Solendra. 

Once again she proved herself a faithful Pelosi sock puppet – thus giving San Francisco two (2) votes, – while we get none.

She sang her usual dishonest song & dance about the military ‘…my daddy survived Pearl Harbor,…I was raised on military bases,…body armor,…rapes…’.  She ALWAYS portrays our military as victimsShe never mentioned Obama’s and Hillary’s failed leadership in the Benghazi MassacreShe doesn’t have a clue! 

She wasted time extolling Big Bird, PBS, and the arts.  This in a state suffering rampant unemployment and under-employment!  By now she was clearly rambling.  She even called Social Security ‘structurally sound’.  [That’s because Congress exempted itself from Social Security, – their retirement fund is fully funded!]

Jon was way too easy on her last night.  He should have destroyed her several times. 

The MoonBats who bothered to listen will adore her because they totally buy into the grandmother act.  For them it’s enough that she shows up and talks.  They don’t care what she says – they wouldn’t understand it if she actually said something meaningful.

I had more fun with the MoonBats holding signs outside.

Many were Tsongas staffers.  Most were cowardly, not wanting to be interviewed, some refusing to give their names. This little old lady didn’t want to be photographed.

MoonBat Paul was afraid to talk.

By contrast the Republicans were proud and bold.  Hat’s off to Whitney – age 13 in the 8th grade at Parker Middle School – holding her first political sign.  Whitney is blessed with a mom who talks politics to her kids.  Whitney knows our national debt is $16 Trillion – and that Niki is responsible for a big chunk of it. 

MoonBat John manages a store ‘which caters to the 1% – who always have money’.  He says his store isn’t hurting – so he can afford to support Niki’s socialist experiments.  [It’s not ‘his’ store – he’s just the manager.  I’m sure ownership is impressed with his socialist activism.]

Across the state in Springfield there was another Brown-Warren non-debate. Ho-hum!  By now anybody still thinking of voting for Warren deserves to live out their days in an asylum in a country like Romania or Venezuela.

2 Responses to “Debating MoonBats – Is It Worth It?”

  1. Timothy Roesch

    Having been there as well (I believe I was seated beside you) I can say nothing changes. As long as a person can lie without risk of being held responsible then debates such as these are worthless. The debate will go to the one more ambitious and forward about their lying while the truth teller will appear stupid, slow and foolish.

    With a press that refuses to do their job the voter can not do theirs and will not. Why?
    There is no shame and, therefore, ends justify the means.

    Best thing I heard all night was from the Rabid Republican his own self…”It is easy to be a democrat since you can lie all you want.”
    I may be paraphrasing but, whoop, there it is.

    See you at the polls.

  2. Rabid Republican

    On the debates… politics is so pathetic in MA sometimes…ok, all the time. I watched the Brown/Indian debate… nothing new… but Warren seems more desparate to show how she can lie better than most.