Debate Predictions

Posted October 16th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein


Obama will smile a lot and try to empathize with the questioner, but will always skirt the issue and try to put something negative that he’s done in a positive light. Or he will just lie to the same end.

He’s try to cast Romney as out of touch… and I think he’ll try to negate the progress Romney seems to be making with women voters.

He’ll avoid extensive discussion of Libya at all costs.  Unless he can point to Romney’s initial statements as politicizing the issue for gain.  He will deflect responsibility to Hillary and may even defer comment to her office.  But, the State Dept is part of the Executive Branch… and he’s ultimately responsible.


Mitt will be prepared with actual info about the question and will answer it. He will also point out where Obama has tried to address the situation and has failed.

Mitt will have a strong answer for nearly any topic that will come up.  He’ll stress his strength in the area, and point out Obama’s failure in the same area.  He’ll score points on nearly every question.

But…In the end, the winner will be the person who connects best with the audience and makes his case in spite of Candy (can you take anyone seriously who’s named Candy?).

One Response to “Debate Predictions”

  1. Tom

    Can anyone really believe that at this late date there are uncommitted voters?
    In the age of 24/7 news and the Internet they must have been living in a bubble. My guess is that most of these folks are plants that will enhance the debate popularity of the president for the media cheer leaders. Mitt will have to score some serious points in order to overcome this set up.