Death In The Snow

Posted December 29th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Jack Maguire, RIP

Sunday night the day after Christmas was blizzard conditions in Eastern Massachusetts.  Perfect cover for a jewelry heist.  Career criminal, 57 year old Dominic Cinelli pulled down his mask and stormed into the Woburn Kohl’s just before closing time.  Gun in hand he struck customers and employees as he made his way to the jewelry counter.  He and his partners had been casing the site for weeks.

Outside, 19-year old Scott Hanwright of Wakefield was on lookout and nearby Kevin Dingwell 51, waited with a getaway vehicle.

Not far away 60-year old Woburn police officer Jack Maguire had just finished talking a troubled woman out of committing suicide when he got the call of a robbery in progress.

Cinelli was a seasoned, hardened thief who had been paroled just 22 months ago from three (3) life sentences.  You see he was already serving time when he walked away from a one-day furlough in 1985, [Governor Dukakis] and committed a series of jewelry store robberies, including one where he shot a security guard in the chest

He got three life terms in ’86, but engineered a desperate escape using a toy gun, and then took a cop’s gun to steal a getaway car.  Captured 10 days later he had yet another gun in his pocket.

As the Kohl’s robbery was going badly – with police cars showing up and blocking escape, Cinelli headed down Washington Street in the snow, with Jack in foot pursuit.  A shootout ended both lives.  Jack took four slugs to his chest, and was pronounced dead at the Leahy Clinic.  But he’d managed to save us the cost of another trial and any more food for Cinelli, who bled to death in the slush surrounded by spilled diamonds.

John “Jack” Maguire, son of a former Woburn police chief, is the first Woburn cop to be killed in the line of duty.

In unbelievable irony, Cinelli is also a cop’s son.  Former Boston PD patrolman Arthur Cinelli had two sons, and BOTH shot policemen during their lives of crime.  The other bad son [also named Arthur] shot Medford Detective Richard McGlynn during a 1981 robbery.

Criminal defense lawyers never quit, and in 2005 the parole Board was court-ordered to consider Dominic for parole “due to flaws in his sentencing”.  They wouldn’t release him in 2005, [Governor Romney], but Dominic played the rehab game and passed muster in November 2008 [Governor Patrick].  

Massachusetts makes it pretty easy to be a criminal.


Our Issues Include:

Lenient Laws:  Our Democrat Dominated State Legislature / Liberal Voters

No Death Penalty:  Misguided Liberal Voters and Rep. John Slattery [1997]

Plea Bargains:  Mostly Democrat District Attorneys and AG Martha Coakley / Liberal Voters

Loose Sentencing Guidelines:  Our Democrat Dominated State Legislature / Liberal Voters

Flakey Liberal Judges:  Democrat-Dominated Governor’s Council and Governors / Liberal Voters

Easy-Go Parole Boards:  Liberal Governors

Unsupervised Parolees:  Corruption Riddled Hack-filled Probation System
Please NOTE:  Massachusetts has the strictest gun laws in the nation.  Yet this career slime-ball, on parole from THREE (3) life sentences, managed to have a gun in his hand  as he robbed a jewelry counter.  How many home visits and searches do you ~ think ~ his parole officers made in the past 22 months?  

If they had, do you think they might have found the gun that killed Maguire?

The GUN was not the issue;  the CAREER CRIMINAL is the issue.




Look at this list of wasted sperm that we’ve been feeding every day: Michael McDermott, Robert Kosilek, Richard Sharpe, Neil Entwistle, Charles Jaynes and Salvatore Sicari.  They should all have been executed. 

Yes you spineless liberal milquetoasts,  cold-blooded murderers should be EXECUTED!  

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Death In The Snow”

  1. B Howell

    My sympathy to the family of Jack Maguire. I have younger cousins who are cops and fire fighters. I understand.

    As for the robbery, this happens when times are tough. This is no excuse to rob someone, store, bank etc. Banks now have very good surveillance cameras, not like in the 1970s when we went through this at that time.

    Stores can be fooled sometime. The larger stores have good protection. Smaller stores like the one I was in the summer of 2009 when there was an attempt to rob it. This was in Chelmsford near 495; easy to get lost in traffic.

    I sat waiting for a friend to finish shopping and watched two women ‘casing the joint’. Then I watched two men drive by and check out the traffic patterns. I saw the car come back with the women in the car. I wrote down the license number. Why you ask did I write down the plate number? I’m from NYC, that’s why! The two women got out of the car, walked quickly into the store, walked over to the very expensive vacuum cleaners, pick one up and run out to the car
    which now had the doors open. They tossed the box into the car. The car took off while the women closed the doors. The car made it all the way up to the exit where there were police cars waiting.

    Did I mention that I reported this with the plate number and make and color of the car?

    As far as lenient sentences…………… The prisons can’t afford to feed, maintain and educate the prisoners. This is happening all over Europe.

    I fear this will continue ’til our government and politicians grow up and start acting as if they have an education and start listening to the people who don’t want murders going free.