Death In Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Bloody City

Posted July 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

As this Very Tall Commie Turd was sworn in New Year’s Day 2014,  he began bad-mouthing the NYPD, – telling the crowd how he worried that his Black son might be profiled and mistreated.

Now 6½ years later,  it’s not the Police he needs to worry about,  – it’s the never-ending surge of Black-on-Black murders….   As a Fake Democrat (Commie) – he’s blaming Coronavirus….  CAUTION: GUT-WRENCHING VIDEO:

You’re watching a video released by the frustrated NYPD Detective Bureau,  – of the last minute of Anthony Robinson’s 29-year life.

He pauses,  – perhaps thinking the car is about to turn in front of him,  – then walks his 6-year old daughter across the street…

Over 180 murders thus far in 2020 in NYC.

New York has no Death Penalty – and their courts are packed with liberal judges.  If you’re Black,  killing another Black in New York is practically a Freebie!

That little girl had a father who was trying to raise her right. Now all she’s got is de Blasio,  his racist wife Chirlane (in charge of which statues to remove),   and blood-soaked streets….

Remember it was just weeks ago the Mayor ordered the anti-crime unit of the NYPD to be disbanded – to satisfy the demands of BLM.

And of course de Blasio casts blame…elsewhere…..

If you owned a business that could move out of NYC,  – would you stay – or look for someplace safer and better run to move to…?

3 Responses to “Death In Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Bloody City”

  1. Kojack

    That’s a heart-breaking video watching that poor little girl have to see her father murdered right in front of her. If de Blasio had even a shred of decency he would resign but I won’t hold my breath.

    As for the Chiara & Dante, just the usual Lib-Turd hypocrisy and double-standards. Unfortunately, the NYC shyte-heads that foisted de Blasio and AOC on us will most likely re-elect them.

  2. panther 6

    DiBlasio is a total failure and hopefully the citizens of Gotham see that and vote him out. He is a disgusting excuse of a human being.

  3. Jim Buba

    Di Blah-blah is a graduate of Castro’s Commie University in Honduras. Just another Act of War being ignored.