Death In DC By Dog Walking

Posted August 29th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Folks,  don’t send your young tender naïve children to work or live in DC,  – it’s become a Third World shit hole.

Margery came from California – to work for a non-profit, – paid so little that to make ends meet she was walking dogs after work.  Tuesday night she was stabbed to death “at random”?

The story stinks!  First – like most young women from ooey-gooey backgrounds – she was out unarmed – no gun, no knife, no tazer, not even Mace….  She was a victim walking around in search of Death.

And Death found her,  – maybe even stalked her.

Eliyas Aregahegne – 24,  with a sketchy background which includes a mere single semester in college,  – and who was once reported to DC police as a Missing Person…was arrested.

Because he is Black – in a mostly Black City – the cover-up has already begun.

LADIES:  If you want to stay alive – carry as a MINIMUM – Mace.

Better still – carry a reliable PISTOL – and be ready to KILL – in order to stay alive.

8 Responses to “Death In DC By Dog Walking”

  1. panther 6

    Disgusting. Sadly some liberal judge will slap him on the wrist. But the lady should have protected herself as Mike states.

  2. JD

    This Papa Oscar Sierra ought to get the needle.

  3. Knight Knight

    Hate crime, not random.

  4. Maria

    I actually knew Margery well, the program some of the news stories talk about where she traveled around the world, we did that together. She came to visit me a few weeks ago. Please remove this post. Margery was anything but tender and naive. As a Washington Post article quoting her own father confirms, Margery had no problem with a difference of opinion or liberalism. Her parents are Trump supporting, life-long Republicans, but she was not. She also loved to visit what you call “shit hole” countries. Losing someone to random (NOT racially bound) evil is hard enough without some fucking fear-mongering blog using her to vent hate.


    Maria, we are truly sorry for your loss. I have personally lost two friends to murder, – it is gut-wrenching.

    Please arm yourself and be prepared to fight back should you ever be facing evil and/or madness. Margary was defenseless.

    I truly doubt this was a “random attack” I think Eliyas is another “Born Again Muslim” who went on Jihad – the only ‘randomness’ was his selection of a victim. He was likely looking for a small light-skinned woman.

    Thank you for your courage in leaving a comment. The posting will remain up – first to alert DC residents to the dangers lurking on their streets, – and to encourage people everywhere to arm themselves and be prepared to defend their God-given gift of LIFE.

    Darwin has ruled, and your friend’s gene pool will not be spread to future generations.

    And FYI,…it is hardly “fear mongering” to point out blunt facts:

    The Tsarnaev brothers were ‘refugees’ from a Muslim country; the Pulse nightclub shooter was a ‘refugee’ from a Muslim country; the San Bernardino shooters were ‘refugees’ from Muslim countries; – and the young Jihadi who just butchered your friend came here as a ‘refugee’ from a Muslim country.

    Perhaps you were unaware of a workplace incident between Alton Nolen and Colleen Hufford back in 2014. You should read about it – try to imagine Colleen’s final moments when you think of Margery.

    If you choose to ignore or dismiss the similarities, – that is your business. We at RRB can only URGE you to ARM YOURSELF – and always be READY.

  5. Catherine

    Was she targeted by mistaken identity? She looked like Beth Mynett, who filed for divorce from her husband who is/was having an affair with islamist Ilhan whatsername (actual last name is questionable, at this point).

    Good catch Stubby Buddy!

  6. Maria Gonzalez

    I was going to write that I appreciate your empathy, until you encouraged me to envision another innocent women dead when grieving my own friend’s, or added this little gem, “Darwin has ruled, and your friend’s gene pool will not be spread to future generations.” (She didn’t want kids by the way.) Also, is it God or Darwin giving us life?

    As a person of color, not only have I NEVER had the privilege of choosing to “ignore or dismiss the similarities” in patterns of violence, it is disturbing to see ONLY brown on white crime as a focus of your work here.

    Every one of the mass shooting this week were committed by (as far as we know) self-identifying white men. Speaking of current issues while ignoring the historic and continuous power of white supremacy is irresponsible. If white communities and individuals feel threatened and aim to solve this issue, or any issue of threat and safety for people of any race, may I suggest trying to understand the root causes with depth and sympathy.

    FYI…it’s about impact not intent (look it up, you still have that responsibility as someone excessing your freedom of speech). Telling ONLY women the ONLY way they can be safe is at a MINIMUM carrying mace, and suggesting that every person, everywhere should be armed, IS FEAR INDUCING, hence fear-mongering. But, none of these tactics are new, so feel free to own it! In fact, here’s some fresh material for you, the number of people murdered by police officers, the very people given power to “protect” them. Is this all too real concern and injustice facing American lives part of your blog?

    Additionally, why all the “air” quotes!? If you don’t think that word reflects your meaning, pick a different word. Could you maybe want to distance him from the sympathy refugees often receive? Your readers may actually be intelligent enough to process both murdered and refugee at the same time. I find people who use air quotes around words like “refugee” typically would rather say something more pejorative. Thoughts?


    My thoughts…?

    You sound like a professional perpetual VICTIM, probably a Democrat.

    Your statement: “Every one of the mass shooting this week were committed by (as far as we know) self-identifying white men.”

    …PROVES you didn’t read much of what’s happening lately. You missed my piece on the shooting down in Mobile Alabama.

    AND, you seem OBLIVIOUS to the ongoing slaughter in Chicago – which has NOTHING to do with White MEN…

    Either get a GRIP, and get ARMED, – or continue to snivel and pout – and behave like the world owes you a safe space and a teddy bear. In other words, – grow the fuck up!

    And keep future comments BRIEF – not an essay!

  7. devgru

    might of been paid for by Ilhan Omar or the husband, she looks just like Dr. Beth Mynett who also walks in that park who is filing for divorce after affair bombshell.

  8. MG

    We get it…your the most Rabid Republican…anyone disagreeing with you could only ever be a Democrat. Again, super rational, measured and mature assumptions.

    “Thoughts?” was not asking for any random thoughts — especially ones, that mostly just boil down to: attack first, think later (…or never?) — “Thoughs?” was asking for your opinion on a very specific set of questions, which you failed to address at all.

    If you struggle with discourse, I suggest a different medium. In addition to my previous, still remaining questions: Brief enough?