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Three young Black men target an off-campus apartment during the Super Bowl – looking for drugs and cash.  One of them shoots 18-year old freshman Nick Massa – killing him on the spot.damantae-graham-hears-his-death-sentence
On Wednesday,  the leader and shooter – 19-year old Damantae Graham heard the jury’s decision and the Judge say “Lethal Injection”.   Don’t feel sorry for this young Black man….

During these past 7 years – as Diamante grew into ‘manhood’ – he had a Black President in the White House – and two Blacks in succession sitting as Attorney General.

But neither Obama, Holder, Lynch, or Homeland Security’s Jay Johnson ever spent a minute thinking about the attitudes and behavior of Black kids growing up in the America they were returning to 1960’s level racial disharmony.

They were too busy blaming White cops….

…even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the cops were behaving honorably.

Then came the Soros-inspired Black Lives Matter,  and some Blacks felt they were suddenly entitled to take things – by force.

Bernie Sanders Cowed in Seattle

So three of them back in February decided those white college boys must have drugs and cash….

Damantae led Marquis Grier, 17 of Massillon; Ty Kremling, 17 of Stow, and Anton J. Planicka, 17 of Median – on a home invasion.

And the college boys who were targeted had no defense plan. They never stood a chance.

Mom, Dad, – is your college student mentally and physically ready to defend themselves from a break-in by 4 thugs?  There is way more to sending them off to school than just sending the tuition check and updating their meal cards!



Now will come the inevitable parade of outraged protesters.   Of course they weren’t there for Rick Massa’s funeral. But their never-ending crusade to outlaw the Death Penalty now has a new Black Martyr.

The Sobbing Sisters of Sorrowful Mercy will be shaking their tambourines in front of Governor John Kasich’s office,  demanding that “Black Killer’s Lives Matter”


And they’ll point to states like Massachusetts….

…where Graham’s attorney’s would have coached him to appear scared and sorrowful, – even to cry when Massa’s family made their impact statement…..

Here Graham would have gotten 20 years – eligible for parole in 12;  while his 17-year old posse members would have been sent through the Juvenile Court System,  – to be released when they turned 21….

…but news reports indicate that Graham was grinning as he stood to hear his sentence… remorse shown throughout the trial.


Sooner or later it will be the child or wife of an outspoken libtard MassHole politician that is kidnapped, raped and murdered.

Attitudes ~ may ~ change,….but then we all remember the famous answer to that question uttered by Michael Dukakis….

One Response to “DEATH – By LETHAL INJECTION!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    One way or another, one less scumbag to pollute the human gene pool.

    But on another subject…. Recently I posted my disappointment in our narcissist-in-chief’s inability to keep his big mouth shut. Now, I’m all for our precious First Amendment right to free speech, but now the twit is congratulating and encouraging the cupcakes and crybabies (led, incidentally, by professional anarchists paid by Democrat bagmen….) who are trying to interrupt commerce by blocking streets and sidewalks simply because their candidate lost. Can you imagine the uproar and condemnation if an outgoing Republican president or Republican voters pulled the same crap?

    Since I’m fifteen years older than the chief narcissist, I fear I’m going to have to hear his voice for the rest of my life….or maybe I’ll just wear out the mute button on my remote control.