Dear God, Please Don’t Abandon Us Now!

Posted November 24th, 2021 by Iron Mike

It has been an awful year since our last Thanksgiving,  and the Chinese Robot in the White House has been programmed to destroy this Constitutional Republic.   He’s too far gone to even understand,  – and his cheap grasping wife is totally caught up in finally being “First Lady”.

We have much to be Thankful for this week,  but we will need a lot of help from You Lord,  if we are to save this Constitutional Republic from the godless Communists in our midst.

Watch how frail and wobbly Biden looks….

We just had two verdicts we can be thankful for….

There will be lingering questions about if the jury was influenced (intimidated) by dozens of heavily armed Black militias standing on the courthouse steps.

In Kenosha, Wisconsin a very decent and incredibly brave and mature young man was found innocent – despite being vilified and railroaded by both the media and the entire Democrap Party:

He is only 18 now,  but at RRB we expect to see him someday elected to the US Senate.

Lord,  we are thankful that some Americans families,  – maybe most American families,  – are still raising young patriots like Kyle Rittenhouse.   They need your help now and in the years to come.

There are too many dysfunctional families raising murderers….

Lord, your humble blogger is thankful to be alive and well this Thanksgiving,  something I never expected back in my teens and twenties.

I remember a Thanksgiving perhaps 55 years ago,  when I gratefully enjoyed a can of soup for Thanksgiving,  – because I’d given a young lady I’d known in high school my last $20,  – so she could make Thanksgiving Dinner for a lucky Air Force pilot she was in love with.

I hope that turned out well for them….

Thanks to luck,  your grace,  and some great doctors,  – I’m still here,  finally escaped from MassHole, and enjoying the peace and tranquility of God’s Country.

I thank you Lord,  but we still need to save this nation from these mindless thugs and these 21st Century commies running our government.

Forgive them Lord,  for they know not what they do!

But PLEASE help us vote them out of power,  – out of our schools and out of the media,  – into obscurity and the dustbin of History.   Help us save the unborn, – we need them.

2 Responses to “Dear God, Please Don’t Abandon Us Now!”

  1. Jim Buba

    Peace on Earth

    Good Will towards Waukesha

  2. Sue Ettwein

    Well said, Mike. I pray something like this daily. God has helped this country so many times. I pray he doesn’t abandon us now. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Karen.

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