Dear GOD, Is It O-V-E-R Yet?

Posted May 19th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Can our American media get back to covering some REAL news for a change?

Does anybody remember why we fought two wars to be rid of these people?   Why is our American media so obsessed with this event?  Could it be a convenient distraction from the scandal?

One Response to “Dear GOD, Is It O-V-E-R Yet?”

  1. Mt Woman

    Perhaps you have it backwards Iron Mike. Some folks might have watched the royal affair to take them away from the constant run of the MSM news cycle of Russia – Russia – Russia and how much Trump hates immigrants. It’s like fairy tale escapism. Me–didn’t watch and don’t care!


    Maybe you’re right M’Dear, – those would be the “Low-Information Voters” of the Democrat Party,…right?