Deane Stryker – You Deserved BETTER!

Posted February 25th, 2018 by Iron Mike

We’ll miss you sweet girl. You had nothing but goodness and promise and a generous heart to offer this world, and your government did next to NOTHING to keep you safe.

Such an ugly and ironic metaphor – multiple stabs in the back – in a quiet public library,  – by a nose-picking retard who should have been safely locked away.

The disease of Massachusetts Democrat Liberalism killed you – as surely as did wasted sperm Jeffrey Yao.

You were raised to believe your community is safe.  IT ISNT!

?  You were probably taught that you didn’t need to carry a GUN, – “Just dial 9-1-1”.   But that’s pretty hard when you hands are covered in your own blood – from a knife thrust into your back and skull….

?  And nobody else in the library was armed….you bled to death waiting for those “FIRST RESPONDERS” to get there….

And now, FINALLY, – thanks to your death, – Jeffrey is our problem,  – and we don’t have even the DEATH PENALTY to issue him the fitting measure of JUSTICE.


If he was SANE ENOUGH to wander loose,…
…he’s sane enough to EXECUTE – and harvest his organs….so others can live….

– then he was too insane to be wandering around.

So Charlie, how many of those evil bump stocks did you collect?



Ask him about Doctors Richard Field and Lina Bolanos – murdered by an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT that Baker insisted on harboring….

Remind Baker that Field,  Bolanos,  and now Stryker weren’t killed by ARs,  AKs,  or Bump Stocks,…just retards – with knives!

Ask Tall Deval why he’s always focused on the photo-op events and the Liberal Propaganda Issues,  – and NOT on cleaning up our streets,  our State Police,  or our Department of Families and Children.

Real work too hard Charlie?

WHERE is our Death Penalty Charlie?  Doesn’t Deane deserve JUSTICE?

FOLKS:  Get trained,  get licensed,  get ARMEDCARRY EVERYWHERE,  and be ready to defend yourself – or an innocent victim.

BE THE NEXT HERO,  – not the next victim!

3 Responses to “Deane Stryker – You Deserved BETTER!”

  1. Sherox

    If gun ownership and lots of practice saves even the life of one person from a murderer, then it will be worth it.

  2. Sally

    The Death Penalty is wrong. Period. We teaches that violence is wrong yet allow government sanctioned muder? WTF? Hypocrasy. Your right that there is evil in this world, but it is our job to try to rehabilitate, not murder our citizens. Europe doesnt have the death penalty or even life without parole, it focuses on rehab and has 3 timkes less violent crime per capita as the US. Wake Up


    Thanks for your comment Sally – all the way from Budapest! Are you an American?

    “The Death Penalty is wrong. Period.” NO! That’s merely YOUR OPINION.

    Actually, properly handed out in clear-cut cases the Death Penalty brings a good measure of justice to victims, – to their loved ones, – to the killer, and to Society in general.

    Taxpayers should not have to warehouse a killer like Tsarnaev, Cruz, Hernandez, Bulger, or Yao for decades, – when they may kill again in prison, – or worse – escape.

    Your European statistics are flawed, because police over there fail to report a great deal of crime, – chiefly rape.

  3. Rebecca

    The sweet girl you’re defending here would not have wanted to play a part in a political discussion about guns.
    Someone in the library being armed would not have stopped the assault, nor kept her from bleeding out waiting on first responders.
    Knowing her personally, this is incredibly painful for me to read/respond to, and I’m sure if any of her family members stumbled across this post they would feel the same way.


    For Christ’s Sake Rebecca, the posting is NOT ‘about GUNS‘!

    At RRB we grieve the loss of all the Deanes who are harvested by thugs and goons – and their own boyfriends – every day. What do you think was the root cause of the killing in the Maryland high school – a kid who couldn’t handle rejection by a sweet girl.

    THE ISSUE is society being smart enough to recognize and lock up the dangerously insane we keep breeding, – and for the rest of us to be ready to face danger – in a school shooting, in a mall shooting, – or in a quiet library.

    We cannot let another generation of mystical flower children wander helplessly through life oblivious to the REAL DANGERS, – or we’ll keep losing thousands of Deanes every year.

    I’ve lost two ladies I cared about – one to a murderous boyfriend, the other to Muslims.

    So thanks for clicking in, – thanks for your courage in leaving a comment, – but PLEASE REBECCA wake up and smell the danger!