Dead Men Tell No Tales….

Posted April 19th, 2013 by Iron Mike

BREAKING: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev captured ALIVE in Watertown!

Manhunt OVER; MIT Cop killed, T-Cop wounded…
1 Dead

Two brothers from Chechnya; – this will frustrate the left-wingers who so badly wanted the bombers to be right-wing anti-tax gun-toting TEA Party zealots… WARNING: Graphic gruesome picture!

Possibly Chechens. If both are killed,…conspiracy theories will persist for decades…

Older brother [now dead] Tamerlain was a boxer; dad in Russia thought younger brother was a medical student…  How many times will we hear people say ‘they were both good kids‘?

Tsarnaev Dead Enough For Me! 

Looks like little brother did run over his face…


No matter how this ends, today or soonly,…before the smoke clears or the blood dries – the hand-wringers, – the social services industry, – and the left-wing government leeches will start bemoaning:

  …if only we were more inclusive, more welcoming, and had more government services to help troubled immigrants fit in…”

BULL SHIT! My grandfather got off the boat in Boston, picked up a shovel, and went to work.  He built a business, put his son through [ugh, Harvard], and employed dozens.  There were no ‘services’ – just opportunity and hard work that needed doing!

Then we were a nation of strength and opportunity. Today we’ve become a nation of ‘victims’ and EBT cards.

11 Responses to “Dead Men Tell No Tales….”

  1. Tom

    They are brothers from Chechnya that have been in Cambridge for one year. There must be other accomplices.

  2. Jim Buba

    A muslim from Chechnya, is a muslim first.

    Daniel Sandford BBC News, Moscow tweets that it looks likely the two suspects left the Russian Federation a long time ago – possibly as long ago as 2001. He also plays down the links to Chechnya: “Ahem! If you are a Chechen from Kyrgyzstan, lived briefly in Dagestan, then lived in America for 10 yrs+. The connection to Chechnya is slim”.

    was broadcast as a Tweet and should serve to fill in some blanks.

    No, they are not here alone or as a lone pair. In fact, there are rumors flying about some others who may be in protective custody, that will be released later; for lack of evidence should not surprise.

    While the picture may be clear for some of us, that clarity will not be commonplace until after the next cell acts.

  3. Jim Buba

    His name is proudly displayed in this copy from the City of Cambridge as a recipient of public funds in the pursuit of the diversity that has come here to kill YOU.

    Congratulations 2011 City Scholarship Recipients


    Each year, the City of Cambridge awards 35-45 scholarships for $2,500 each to Cambridge high school seniors and others pursuing higher education. City officials gratefully acknowledge the generous contribution of the many citizens of Cambridge who make this special opportunity possible.

    The 2011 recipients will be honored at a ceremony and reception Monday, May 16, at 4 p.m., in the Sullivan Chamber of Cambridge City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Avenue.

    2011 Recipients:
    Sarah Adkins, Arjun Agarwala, Jason Tang, Neyka Alexandre, Paola Arias Sanabria, Ty Atkin, Ariane Berelowitch, Samuel Borrus, Samisa Brioso, Joan Brunetta, Gina Chen, Gwendolyn Child, Abina Cohen, Kayla Coleman, Katrina Cooper, Judy Cortes, Anne-Marie Denis, Sira Fati, Jillian Felie, Hannah Firestone, Carlos Galvao, Kidan Gebremedhin, Yordanos Gebremichl, Adam Gelaw, Lillianna Griggs, David Guan, Pouchy Guerrier, Michael Sferza-Lewis, Hichem Hadjeres, Regina Hallisey, Pasang Lhamo, Rebecca Loh, Rebecca Mazur, Amatullah Mervin, Kathleen Mullen, Suryani Dewa Ayu, Liam O’Leary, Rebecca Pearce-Probst, Megan Rebello, Rose Schutzberg, Hyun-Wook Seo, Alexandros Stefanakis, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Dorcas Yip, Fesehaye Zewdie.

  4. Casey Chapman

    I’m hearing that they came over from Russia 10 years ago, but that both parents have gone back to Russia.

  5. Walter Knight

    It was muslims? Really?

  6. Walter Knight

    It’s all about the hoodie.

    Our Embassies are becoming nothing more than processing centers for immigration. Unless immigrants have a special talent, they should not be allowed to come to America. And, as long as we are at war with muslim terrorists, the muslim world should especially be excluded.

  7. Ben

    So it was 2 more practioners of the religion of peace? I am shocked. NOT!

  8. Tom

    Cambridge will be establishing counseling centers for the Chechnyan community and all grieving members of the religion of peace.

  9. Kojack

    “There are moderate muslims but there is no moderate Islam”-Mark Steyn in ‘America Alone’……if they became the majority would they uphold the U.S. Constitution or institute manadatory sharia law?!?! We know what the answer is but the beautiful people of Camebridge are in denial and will contiue to be after this.

    American and muslim culture are incompatible and they shouldn’t be here…..when will the world wake up?!?!

    Maybe we should have weekly Koran burnings until the muslims become so infuriated that the U.S. will be forced out of Islamic countries and the practitioners of the religion of peace who live here will leave.

  10. Joe Rizoli

    Still wating for a link to the Israeli Mossad.
    They are usually are behind the false flags leadiing to things like this.

  11. Joe Rizoli

    All this was done for all of us test rats to see how far our Government can get away with taking away your freedoms.
    We went to Lexington Common to videotape the Patriot Pastor, noted for giving his great talks on Patriot History and we were forbidden to have access to the Lexington Common. Police ready to arrest anyone trying to stand up and be heard for freedom.
    That’s where we are people. Our country has been totalised and all we do is talk about it. Now we got the Muslims as the bad guy again when the Jewish links to world wide terrorism is ignored. Wake up people.

    The Patriot Pastor in Lexington MA April 19, 2013


    Joe Rizoli