De Blasio: Lifelong Commie Thug At Heart

Posted July 6th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Yesterday one of his police officers was assassinated.  Today a Police Academy class of 524 young officers got sworn in,  – each ready to risk their lives to keep the City safe.

So was Mayor De Blasio there to make an inspiring speech?  Nah!   He and three aides (but not his wife) were jetting to Hamburg to join the anti-G20 rioters.  We have to surmise that a true commie is most at home in the streets throwing objects at riot police.

And I’m sure the taxpayers of NYC are happy to fund de Blasio’s lifelong hobby of opposing all forms of Capitalism and private property ownership.

But with all the lawyers in NYC,….might there just be a couple of honest ones left,….who could make a case for de Blasio and his three trusted aides misappropriating city funds for this trip?

Hey Bill – you selfish glory seeker,  why didn’t you take Marty Walsh and Goombah Joe Curtatone with you…?

6 Responses to “De Blasio: Lifelong Commie Thug At Heart”

  1. Walter Knight

    He thinks he wants to be President.

  2. Kojack

    “…the taxpayers of NYC are happy to fund de Blasio’s lifelong hobby of opposing all forms of Capitalism…”

    The ultra-rich lib-TURDS in NYC are GENUINELY ECSTATIC that their mayor could participate in an anti-capitalist protest. That is why they keep electing lefties with the exception of Rudy Gulliani.

    They forget that free-market capitalism is the only system which allows people to reach their true potential by providing an environment where they can excersize their initiative and pursue their dreams.

    The gimme crowd(subsidized by everyone else) doesn’t pay taxes but they support it too.

  3. Panther 6

    The Mayor is a disaster and a bloody commie stooge and idiot. Surely the voters of NY now see him for what he is, a terrible mistake! Anyone of his ilk who still thinks that communist – socialist economics works need only look at Venezuela and North Korea.

  4. Mt Woman

    I hear he has an over 50% approval rating in NYC. I guess these voters have very low expectations for their mayor or are clueless–better yet, STUPID!

  5. Meat And Potatoes

    Disgraceful.. The nation sees this. Unfortunately, New Yorkers don’t seem to care.

  6. Hawk1776

    Obama was a President but not a leader. De Blasio is a Mayor but not a leader. Think about the message he sent to those newly-minted cops.