Day #86 In Battleground Portland

Posted August 23rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

Day after day,  night after night,  Portland cops are faced with anarchy, violence, and insurrection.  Their über-liberal mayor refuses to call for federal help,  as does hard-left Governor Kate Brown.

The three City Councilors (the witches from MacBeth) are hard-core commies who have already voted to defund the police,  and County Attorney Schmidt is a Soros stooge who refuses to prosecute people for rioting.  Trump cannot let this go on. video: 

Trump must be sorely tempted to sit idly by and let Portland and Seattle fester and burn – letting them serve as an example of what thoughtless liberalism leads to – chaos and anarchy.

BUT,  he’s read Article IV, § 4 of our Constitution,  and sworn an Oath to UPHOLD it.

You should read it too……so you understand.

So he knows there is a point when he will be duty-bound to officially declare that Portland has sunk so far into chaos and violence that the local and state elected officials no longer have any control over events, – nor do they have any remaining ability to intervene and put down the invasion.

THEN he can declare Martial Law,  – send in Federal Troops and Federal Law Enforcement,  – and prosecute offenders in either military courts or federal courts.

View this 14 minute video.  Do you think the breaking point has been reached? 

Are the Portland Police near their breaking point?  Compare their 86-day ordeal to a military unit in combat for 86 days….

How long are Governor Brown,  County Attorney Schmidt,  and Mayor Wheeler going to permit this daily / nightly violence?   

Have these three – and the city councilors,  – become criminally complicit in perpetuating the anarchy and violence?

Should Trump have them arrested and tried along with the rioters?

If / when Trump acts,  – the Democrats, Communists, and the media will scream that he’s “…acting like a dictator!”

If he fails to act,  – this will spread to other cities,  – crippling our economy.

That is EXACTLY what Soros wants, – the start of Stage Two.

4 Responses to “Day #86 In Battleground Portland”

  1. Leonard Mead

    For all of Trump’s accomplishments
    – getting our economy growing,
    – strengthening the military, the border,
    – appointing conservative supremes and judges, etc etc etc,

    WHY hasn’t he
    – SENT IN THE NATIONAL GUARD TO PUT DOWN THE ANARCHY IN Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, etc. ???


    Len Mead

  2. panther 6

    Sadly I agree with Len. This now calls for the National Guard or the 82nd Airborne or the 101st Screaming Eagles. Enough is enough.

  3. Stubby Buddy

    I have a reply for Len. Mr Trump has not YET acted, because he has been clearing out the swamp-filth from the federal courts (judges, attorneys, etc) as well as from the FBI, CIA, and more. Until those systems are cleaned out, any charges would be either dropped by complicit FEDERAL commie stooges, or dismissed by FEDERAL commie judges. The elected officials who have let this go on absolutely need to be charged – on federal charges – and given LONG sentences.

    As for the “enough is enough” type commentary. Yes, you are correct – insofar as you are assuming you’re dealing with normal (non-leftist-indoctrinated) people. That’s not quite the case in these leftist-run cities.

    Have the Portland (and Seattle) POLICE OFFICERS made a public, unified call for federal help? Have the Portland/Seattle CITIZENS made that call for help?

    Nope. Not yet. There are still too many of them who SUPPORT these leftist goons.

    Once that changes, action will be taken.

  4. Kojack

    The concerns that Len mentioned can be rectified after the election but THE SHEER ECONOMIC DEVASTATION AND THE DEATH COUNT (I.E. SUICIDES, UNDETECTED CANCER DUE TO POSTPONED SCREENINGS, RISING ALCOHOL & DRUG ADDICTIONS, ETC.) FROM THE PLANDEMIC SHUTDOWN WILL TAKE A GENERATION TO REPAIR. We still don’t know what the final economic tally will be. It is having a cascading effect and we have yet to see it’s conclusion. The numbers don’t support and in fact are contrary to what the “experts” are telling us. SO FAR THE CURE HAS BEEN MUCH WORSE THAN THE DISEASE!!!