David Plouffe’s $100K Question Mark

Posted August 6th, 2012 by Iron Mike

OK, he looks like just another weaselly punk.  Don’t be fooled…

 – he is a ‘deep insider’ in the Obama Cartel.  He planned and ran much of the 2008 campaign, and they brought him back in Jan ’11 to plan the re-election campaign.  You might even say that he’s the guy who loads the teleprompter.  So…?

So young David took $100K in speaking fees from South African-based MTN Corporation – a firm supplying telecommunications equipment to much of Africa, the Middle East, and Iran.


And that becomes a potential conflict of interest…since we’re trying to embargo Iran, and Iran is using MTN equipment to clamp down on anti-regime dissidents within their country.

So what on earth did MTN want David Plouffe to speak about – in Nigeria, – that would be worth $100K?

Or did they just want a ‘good friend’ sitting in Obama’s inner circle?

Valerie Jarrett [born in Iran] and Plouffe

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