DANGER: RiNO Stampede!

Posted March 7th, 2012 by Iron Mike

A sisterhood of
pro-abortion women?

Even as the dust settles from the MassGOP Committee elections – comes the thunder of RiNO hooves stampeding to the pro-abortion wing of the new Mass Republicrat Party.

The Herald announces [with some glee?] that four (4) formerly prominent Republican women are rushing to endorse Doctor Elizabeth Childs over Marine Major Sean Bielat.

Former Governor Jane Swift, former NJ Gov Christine Todd Whitman, former LtGov Kerry Healey and former MassGOP Party Chair Barbie all seem to think Childs would be a better congresswoman that Sean Bielat?  Really?  On what basis?

One of them – Childs or Bielat –  will likely run against young JPK3 for the [cringe] ‘Barney Frank seat’ in the redrawn 4th Congressional District.

And of course they’re using all the correct code words such as ‘domestic and sexual violence’ and ‘challenges facing families across Massachusetts’.


Am I a throwback sexist for asking; – or is there a sexist message being broadcast here with four women at once endorsing Childs against the Marine?

What burning FEDERAL issues does the dietary-challenged doctor plan to run on?

I think it’s a fair question, since young JPK3 is a lot better looking, can probably move a lot faster, and has that damned Kennedy NAME advantage.

So tell us Girls, [oops] Ladies, – what FEDERAL issue positions does Doctor Childs hold, which have EARNED your endorsements?

Or, is it JUST that she’s a pro-abortion woman?

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “DANGER: RiNO Stampede!”

  1. rr

    These people have no shame or decency. Pathetic women who will stop short of nothing to demonstrate how “liberal” they are. What’s going on here? Why would anyone support these women? Why does our party even tolerate their membership? It’s because the GOP has NO principles that it holds dear. They have no centering focus on the things that make conservatives stand firm. They have no backbone. rr

  2. Sue

    liberal women give my whole gender a bad name.

  3. cecilia

    Disgusted with GOP women for endorsing this fake Republican!
    I will work harder for her demise – she has so little to offer except the culture of death the Dems want to impose on us to force Obamacare to work. Wake up GOP the Dems are within dividing you so they can win…but Sean knows the meaning of SEMPER FI. As a women and an artist I support the Marine, family man, businessman and leader.