DANGER: Acton Town Meeting April 2015

Posted April 7th, 2015 by Iron Mike

The Vampire MoonBats are SWARMING!!  Your money’s NOT SAFE!  Your TAXES are going UP!!Acton Town Meeting 2015
The blood-sucking Progressives were out in force at the high school last night – determined to pave their cave with your gold. They’ll be back again tonight – determined to pave the town dump with more gold, – in the name of “GREEN”!

Ann ChangLead MoonBat and self-appointed town bitch Ann Chang moved early in the meeting – [which again this year began without the Pledge of Allegiance] to move Article 22SMART/PAYT” to Tuesday night.

This is the Pay-to-Throw plan being pushed by Green Acton – the self-appointed Enviro-Nazis who want to run your life – and control what you throw away, – and where.
green acton trash bags


So the town got on with business – which including passing the bloated Town and School budgets.

We will continue to fund both the under-used four (4) town bus services [running at a continued loss] and the under-used town nursing service [they don’t give enemas] also running at a loss, – – because that’s the kind of town we want to be.

$100 Million

The school committee seemed at a loss to explain why decreasing enrollment still results in a 7% increase in budget.

They DID note that they had a remarkable increase in high-cost students [no English /minimal English / SPEDs / Retards* / etc]. Maybe because Acton has made itself into a magnet town for ‘Special Needs‘ kids who move here because “…that’s the kind of town we want to be…”?

I asked School Committee Chair Kristina Rychlik if she knew how many Acton kids were going to private schools – to avoid going to the public schools.

She seemed offended by the question – and admitted she had no clue, – had never thought about it.

It would be interesting to know how many Acton and Boxborough kids are either being home-schooled or sent to private schools because their parents don’t want them being ‘socialized’ and indoctrinated in global warminggay-everything, and common core.

But the meeting moved on, and the budgets passed with almost no ‘Nays’.  Acton will hire an expensive Land Use Czar and a Bus Czar,  – again because “…that’s the kind of town we want to be…”.

The spending frenzy will continue Tonight – because Ann Chang is determined to force you to pay for a blue trash bag to dump your trash.  I can’t wait for that lady to croak!

It’s pretty clear that almost everybody on the boards – the selectmen, FINCOM, and the School Committee are determined to push us over the $100,000,000.oo mark by next year.  It’s almost as if they see that as a personal goal – a résumé credit – “I manage a $100 Million Dollar Budget!”

And after all, – isn’t it all just “the Public Money”?

A telling moment came during Janet Adachi’s pitch Janet Adachifor the passage of Article 4, – a  .75% local option tax on restaurant meals.  She bemoaned that Boxborough solved their shortfall with a 6% room tax,  – but Acton doesn’t have any ‘rooms’.

That’s right Janet – we don’t!  What motel chain would build a motel in the midst of this blood-sucking colony of Vampire MoonBats?

Janet also bemoaned that other towns have a real industrial base which can be taxed.

With local leaders like Adachi, – fixated on stuff to TAX,…any wonder why businesses locate in New Hampshire and Texas?

These MoonBats must all be asexual and parthenogenesis, – they can somehow breed by screwing themselves [and us] out of BOTH a commercial base and an industrial base, – i.e. out of BOTH JOBS and a TAX BASE.

Maybe most of Acton’s tax-paying citizens are like Elizabeth Warren; – teach one class, – get paid $350K / year, – and don’t sweat the meal tax or the property tax increases,  – and ride the town buses to the T-Station…?

* Yeah, I’m well aware I’m not supposed to call kids ‘retards’.  I do it to piss off the MoonBats who have made a career of designating and ‘providing services’ to these poor kids – often the results of their parents youthful drug use.

Acton’s dirty little secret is that there is STILL a LOT of drug use here – despite the mounting evidence of genetic damage and brain damage…

UPDATE: Al Gore Polar Bears Tuesday nite 7 April –  ENVIRO-NAZIS WIN!   Using deliberately misleading data and failing to inform voters about the true cost and eventual implications of their scheme – a state / federal grant and hiring extra employees – and with emotional testimony which would have made Al Gore cry…the Buy-a-Blue-Bag and Pay-To-Throw passed 110 / 61.

Liberals are just plain dishonest bastards, – unworthy humans!  Even the pretty ones lie.

Acton's enviro-nazis win

And then there was the old lady who got up and said “I think we have too much freedom…” This in the home town of Isaac Davis….

3 Responses to “DANGER: Acton Town Meeting April 2015”

  1. Jim Gettens

    I checked the City of Leominster, MA, Mayor’s Statutory FY 2014 budget, which popped up in response to a Google search. Leominster’s population is approximately 50,000, much larger than the Town of Acton’s, and that city has much more infrastructure to support. That the Town of Acton is approaching $100 million in spending is absolutely grotesque.
    I suggest laying a comprehensive public documents request on the Town of Acton in accordance with Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 66, Sec. 10, for all employee salaries and other spending categories, then broadcasting the analysis results. Getting copies of the Town’s audit reports should also be enlightening. The audits will show the Town’s unfunded (taxpayer) liability for Benefits Other Than Pensions, referred to as OPEB, which will be outrageously high.
    If you want a copy of the Public Records Request I just laid on the Wachusett Regional School District just let me know…


    Jim, on average ~ it takes these über-liberal MoonBat residents about 13 years to wise up. By the time their darling kindergartners have graduated high school, – they’ve become bone-weary of writing property tax checks every quarter.

    So when their youngest becomes a senior – the FOR SALE sign goes up as the graduation announcements go out. Then they move to New Hampshire – and start bugging the town governments there for the kind of wall-to-wall ‘services’ they had here.

    And of course the real estate ladies sell their Acton homes while bragging about all the ‘town services’ – and the great schools…

    Single mothers [lesbians] with SPED kids – come to Acton for the ‘services’ and the schools…

  2. Mark

    Moonbats…….. wtf….. they are everywhere.

  3. Scott T

    Can you please send me a copy of the copy of the Public Records Request that you sent to the Wachusett Regional School District ? Also send me any information on how to get the audited results ? Do I need to justify why I need the results ? Thanks.