Dan Pfeiffer: Obama’s Disposable Man

Posted May 19th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Had he ever studied military science, Pfeiffer would know he’s been assigned a suicide mission. His task was to hold the bridge-head while the main force retreats across the river to safer, more defensible ground. He was expected to be brave, but he is expendable.Dan Pfeiffer

On Sunday Sept 16th last year – with the blood at Benghazi barely dried, Obama sent UN Ambassador Susan Liar Rice to do exactly the same job Pfeiffer just attempted – mislead the public about the Obama-Clinton Benghazi scheme, it’s utter failures and their criminal enterprise.

The Obama Cartel picked Dan for the mission this morning because they know him well. 

While he’s been reveling in the heady lifestyle of a ‘White House Insider‘, they’re been taking the measure of this white wannabee boy big shot.

After last week they needed the story – at least part of it – to become the pompous young fool on the talk shows – to distract from the real sins and the real crimes. It worked.

They knew he’s act like an arrogant self-inflated fool.

He did NOT disappoint!

He played the part of the pompous fool perfectly. He was obnoxious and deceitful enough that for a few days he will be the story – not the Benghazi Massacre.

Pfeiffer and Feinberg enjoying limelightPoor Dan’s been livin’ the Dream. He just became the personal spokesman for the pResident. He’s been pursuing the role of big-shot political insider since the 2000 Gore campaign – where incidentally – he met his lovely wife Sarah Feinberg – who became Comms Director for the House Democrats.

But even that turned to shit. Sarah became a WH Insider too, but gave it up 2 years ago to take a job on the Left Coast working for Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook. Guess the pay is better, and the revenue stream isn’t tax dollars.

So Dan is in ‘special company’ now, – along with Chris Stevens and Susan Rice. All ‘trusted insiders‘, – all lied to, – all sent forth on fools’ errands, – and all utterly expendable.

Folks, DON’T let Arrogant Dan become the story.

Stevens bodyDon’t let his outrageous statements like ‘the GOP owes Susan Rice an apology’  become the focus of your righteous anger.

See him for what he is – a self-inflated arrogant fool sent to obscure and confuse the public – to distract from the REAL SINS.

STAY FOCUSED! The Obama-Clinton Cartel somehow struck a deal with al Qaeda – probably to go easy on our troops until we evacuated Afghanistan, – in exchange for free weapons and free rein in the Eastern Mediterranean. Syria was the next target, and Benghazi was the arms warehouse.

IN SIMPLE WORDS:  Obama and Clinton were providing DIRECT aid and material support to al Qaeda – our sworn enemy!  THAT’S THE REAL STORY!

2 Responses to “Dan Pfeiffer: Obama’s Disposable Man”

  1. Casey Chapman

    “self inflated arrogant fool”——–the perfect profile for an employee/spokesman for Obama.

  2. Kojack

    The gimme crowd and the lame stream media will continue to support Obysmal no matter what – even if he is busted on live TV murdering children…..they have sold their souls to this islamic marxist tyrant.