Dan Goldstein Wants To Be SOMEBODY!

Posted December 22nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

He decided to bully Ivanka Trump and her kids….

Gay New York Lawyer Dan Goldstein – traveling with his ‘wife’ Hunter College professor Matt Lasner – decided to yell at her as she sat with her kids:  “Your father is ruining this country!”

Why is she on our flight?   She should be riding private!” yelled Goldstein – holding a child himself…..

.meanwhile his ‘wife’ was tweeting a running account of the encounter – which ended when the Jet Blue flight crew has seen enough and kicked Goldstein off the flight.

Proud ‘wife’ Lasner even took the photo – and tweeted it; obviously relishing the encounter and the attention,   – instead of trying to calm his ‘spouse’.

From all reports Ivanka did her best to shield and distract her kids from the clod,  – and remained dignified, poised, and seated.   Clearly she is well-raised and well trained.

So once again at RRB we have to ask,…what is it about being GAY – that makes some gay people act out and behave so badly in public?

What did this ATTORNEY hope to accomplish by berating a young mother – sitting helpless in her seat on a crowded jetliner?

Wouldn’t he be filing civil rights complaints and lawsuits if he’d been the one being accosted,  berated,  and bullied?

Score another victory for the Trump Family!

5 Responses to “Dan Goldstein Wants To Be SOMEBODY!”

  1. Brandy

    Duh, that is called “flaming.”

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Ya know….. Bold, abrasive and politically incorrect as the Trumpster is, I daily become more impressed.

    Imagine. Ivanka sitting there poised and perfect, in Jet Blue coach no less, while some brave Liberturd unloads on this defenseless mother with her children. I truly hope he can lead America the way he’s led his children.

    All you allegators in the swamp: Beware…. America will be great again.

  3. 11-Bravo

    It figures, some unhinged pole smoker going full retard. Sure,,, gays are normal people, they’re just gay,,, yeah right. Look at it,,, really,,, how f**ked up in the head do you have to be for a man to be attracted to another man’s junk?

    I don’t get it,,, never will……….

  4. Kojack

    I will consider gays normal when they can procreate without help.

    Imagine the uproar if two conservatives unloaded in the same way on Chelsea Clinton.

  5. Mt Woman

    Shameful behavior regardless of sexual orientation or preference. They should not only have been kicked off the plane, but kicked to the curb by all liberal-leaning supporters. This behavior is reprehensible.