Damn Them ALL! Every Last One!

Posted September 11th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It’s personal for me,  – I lost my dear sweet neighbor lady that morning aboard AA Flight #11.  Don’t tell me about trying to respect or ‘coexist’ with 7th Century pagans.  They all want to kill us all,  – or enslave us.

And don’t try using words like ‘inclusion’ to justify electing them to government.  Not with me.  Osama bin Laden knew exactly what he was doing:

The 4-plane attack on 9/11 wasn’t meant to be a declaration of war against the USA, – as it was meant to be an unmistakable RECRUITING TOOL, – a stark demonstration of what could be accomplished by bold young men willing to give their lives to Allah.

He wanted to awaken the sleeping giant of Islam across the vast regions of North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.  He felt that young Muslims had grown too comfortable with their Western conveniences.  The next few years would prove him wildly successful.

He also calculated that our response would be very carefully measured,  – always almost timid, and always proportional.

NEVER would we go and wipe out entire villages and towns.

NEVER would we level cities with atomic weapons. And he would use each show of civilized timidity as PROOF that we are cowardly and unworthy, – further emboldening his followers.

And then we elected one of them as our 44th President….and in hiding he felt secure.

Today most Americans hear messages of forgiveness, healing, coexistence, and inclusion.

Young Americans DON’T hear REAL HISTORY LESSONS,  – so they don’t know that the evil that Muhammad codified in the Qur’an was going on for thousands of years before he was born.

Today most young Americans learned that Slavery was “a sin unique to the American South” – and have NO CLUE who was involved in capturing and procuring those slaves – for THOUSANDS OF YEARS – from both West and East Africa.

All Muhammad did was tell his followers that Allah WANTED them to behave like savages, – and would reward them with 72 virgins.

None of his followers know enough basic math to understand that there will NEVER be enough virgins to go around,  – let alone give every martyr 72 of them to deflower.

All the great empires of history eventually collapsed due to the rot and corruption from within,  – so that the approaching army of Huns or Vandals was almost welcomed as liberators.  And in 2019 America – particularly in our big cities and East and West Coast states,  there is plenty of rot and corruption.

Corrupt and power-hungry Democrats and Socialists are the TOOLS Islam uses to achieve POWER,  live in comfort using our welfare, – and to institute Sharia Law.

If you want your grandchildren to live and grow old in the America you once knew,  – you better get angry,  – get motivated,  – clean the rot out of your local school systems,  – and start teaching your kids History!  While you’re still alive!

10 Responses to “Damn Them ALL! Every Last One!”

  1. Glennzo

    Thomas Jefferson knew how to deal with the Muslim Hoard and did it very well, he created the USMC along the way

  2. Clinton ma Tea party

    To Glennzo

  3. Varvara

    I was born in Brooklyn, worked in Manhattan and came to MA. I am and always will be a New Yorker. I will never, ever, forgive, understand these savages!

    I have a younger cousin who was NYPD. His precinct was 2 blocks from Ground Zero. He eventually had to leave the force due to his eyes being ruined by dust, ashes and body parts.

    His brother was a volunteer fire fighter, who went to the station and released a specialist to go to Ground Zero.

    If this is too strong Mike, please feel free to delete.

  4. Asusue

    As usual, Mike. Right on target and well said. I look at my grandchildren and wonder what they are being taught about this day.

  5. Sherox

    Here are some other images from that day:


  6. Kojack

    In the days and weeks after 9/11/2001 democrats temporarily became American citizens again…and 18 YEARS LATER, THEY HAVE PUT THE SAME ENEMY THAT BROUGHT DOWN THE TWIN TOWERS INTO OUR GOVERNMENT!!!

    Incredibly and astutely well said Kojack!

  7. Leonard Mead

    Mike — thought your readers might enjoy my cover note sending your blog to conservatives nationwide on my e-blast lists.


    Hi Conservatives,

    Had lunch today with “Iron Mike” of Rabid Republican — a true patriot and injured combat soldier. He confided about Vietnam, “They spit on me when I went, and they spit on me when I returned at the airport.”

    What is happening now? Thanks to traitor John Kerry, Crooked Hillary Clinton, and Muslim Barak Obama, planeloads of muslims have been sent at midnight to concentrated areas in our country where they could ELECT muslim representatives to our congress. A true OUTRAGE.

    Fulfilling their culture of islam, these muslim “representatives” are now proclaiming what the pedophile, Mohammad has imprinted in all muslims – that they will go to allah (heaven) by killing Jews and converting the world to sharia law where women are treated as sex slaves and those not willing to “convert” either pay a ransom for life or are beheaded.

    “Free” twisted history books from the muslim brotherhood glorifying islam and painting Jews as scum are now being used in hundreds of public school systems and colleges where our children are being brainwashed that “islam is just a religion of peace.” Islam is no religion, it is a DEATH CULT whose members love death more than life. The most outrageous example if this is in Newton, MA, where the student population of 30% Jews is being brainwashed with this muslim propaganda in spite of lawsuits and complaints from citizens demanding that this twisted history be REMOVED from the curriculum.

    The Newton Jewish school committee has treated these complaints from parents with distain, ridicule and derision (WE KNOW BEST – JUST SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP) and they have even refused to provide the twisted middle-east curriculum to parents as prescribed by MA state law. As the lawsuit progresses, these educational thugs may seriously regret their arrogant actions.

    Do you have children, grandchildren, friends? Be sure they are aware of this recent horrible attack by islam on our free country.

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative Infidel

  8. panther 6

    The muslim goal since mohamed first rode out of the desert was to make the islamic life the rule of the world. They are succeeding in Europe and have a good start here. If we don’t wake up our great grandchildren may be on prayer mats facing Mecca 5 times a day.

  9. Jim Buba

    Eighteen years and a Day later, the memory still haunts. I shall not be celebrating the democrat response.

    We are all born with Natural, God-given and equal rights. It takes a Public School village to make what Hitler, Mao, Pot, Stalin, obama, kerry and clinton did look good.

  10. Kojack

    Genghis Khan proved that mUslims cower when confronted with equal or greater brutality. Blackjack Pershing discovered that very quickly, used their “religion” against them and was quite successful.

    We have to get over our “Nobel Arrogance” i.e. thinking we’re “better than that” attitude which results in nation building, democracy creation and other fruitless and expensive pursuits, applying just enough force to keep the battle/war going.

    We need to go in with overwhelming force, completely annihilate the enemy in horrific ways that will make other potential adversaries think twice, and leave. Otherwise we will over extend and bankrupt ourselves and the greatest nation on earth will not survive.