Damn! Republican Lightning Strikes – Twice!!

Posted May 12th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Despite lots of national Democratic help and $$ poured in to help the Democrat, the Republican won the “Scott Brown Seat”. 

It’s a little hard to follow if you don’t live in Massachusetts, but our State Senate districts are mostly gerrymandered globs of towns – and parts of towns.  US Senator Scott Brown had represented the district called quaintly “NORFOLK, BRISTOL and PLYMOUTH”.  Yesterday’s special election was to fill “the Scott Brown Seat” [Sorry, I just had to say that!]

State Rep Richard Ross won – nicely.  62% nicely!   He even beat the democratic challenger – an emergency room doctor – in his home town of Needham.  Only the socialist bedrooms of Wellesley and Wayland, and union bedroom Natick voted for more Kool-Aid.  Up and down the district, the TEA Parties made the difference. 

Remember Massachusetts is broke, is suffering 10% unemployment and even the “clean / green jobs are leaving the state.  But our totally doofus governor [Obummer’s Law School roommate], and his pack of pet mice on Beacon Hill are TOTALLY preoccupied with passing the Transgender Bathroom Bill.

So ~ maybe ~ enough of our formerly liberal voters have run out of Kool-Aid – maybe because they’ve watched their 401Ks tank, and they’ve been laid off.  10% unemployment will do that to even knee-jerk liberal jerks.

There comes a point when the light goes on.

The US Govt is mortgaging our future to pay for lollypop trees [which don’t exist], and Duh-Val Patrick and his pack of pet mice are doing the same thing here.

In a country where 1 of every 10 workers works for some level of government – when will the other 9 say “enough”?   15,893 said “Enough!” yesterday.   Congratulations Senator Ross!   Congrats too to the TEA Parties!  You ARE making a difference despite all the liberal slurs and name-calling.  Keep up the FIRE!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Damn! Republican Lightning Strikes – Twice!!”

  1. MC

    Congrats Massachusetts & Congratulations Senator Ross .
    Wonderful NEWS !!

  2. Pete Reinhard

    I was refered to your site by my sister-in-law Beth T from Acton. I’ll pass this blog link to a few other like-minded people.
    I’m currently angry about the lack of immigration enforcement. I applaud the Governor of AZ for at least taking a stand. I plan to travel with my wife for my 25th to Sedona AZ instead of Europe to help do what I can. I used to like Arnold (gov of Cal-a-forn-eee-aah)… ok I liked his movies…..but he just bragged how he cancelled a commencement speech he was to give in AZ. Clearly a RINO.