Czar Putin Fires His Admirals….

Posted July 12th, 2016 by Iron Mike

…but did they refuse to sally forth for valid reasons?  Are their aging rust buckets unseaworthy?
Putin sacks Baltic Fleet Commanders
Last week it seems Czar Putin wanted to create a big noise in the Baltic Sea – just north of where the NATO Ministers were meeting.  But his Admirals and ship captains all refused his order….

Baltic Sea

So he just fired every admiral and captain of his Baltic Sea Fleet.

In the old days he’d have had them shot – by their own crews – to drive home the lesson of loyalty and obedience.  That was then….

Salvaged hull of the Kursk

But things changed when the submarine Kursk sank in August 2000,  – and the Russian Navy was forced to admit that a lot of things just weren’t right,  – that ships and sailors were being jeopardized due to lack of money,  poor shipbuilding,  and inadequate training…..

.and the false pride of not calling on the US Navy for submarine rescue help.

Lack of money still haunts the Russian Navy – they’re last in line after the missile forces,  the air force,  and the army.  Worse, – while you can build a tank in a few days,  – it takes years to build a ship, – and months to train a battle-ready crew.

Russia has no convenient ports.  Most like Kaliningrad have restricted access,  – making the fleet vulnerable as they go in and out.  And the restricted waters of the Baltic Sea is hardly the place for hot-shot navy maneuvers.


Putin understands very little of this.  He’s a trained KGB thug, – not a military man.  His understanding of military and naval operations is on the same level as our own community organizer, i.e. ZILCH.

He does have a good personal photographer though, – so there are lots of photos of him with the troops – looking for all the world like Russia’s answer to John Wayne or Rambo.

At the height of the Cold War,  Soviet submarines and surface ships were a cause of grave concern to the US and NATO,  – with the biggest fears being either a nuclear accident or a rogue commander launching missiles….

Peter the Great

It is worth remembering that it was a mutiny of Russian sailors aboard the Battleship Potemkin in 1905 that is viewed as the seeds of the Russian Revolution 12 years later.

But throughout the 20th Century,  the overall story of the Russian / Soviet navy was one of poor planning,  poor quality ships,  inept political leadership, and the inescapable geography of a too-big land mass and isolated and vulnerable ports.

You cannot even begin to understand the History of the 20th Century – including WWI and WWII,  – if you don’t understand the causes,  the battles,  and the outcome of the Russo-Japanese War.

Many RRB readers have never even heard of it,…

 – and 99% of all Democrats will just go “Huh?”

I strongly URGE you to do a little historical reading tonight.  A lot of pieces will suddenly fall into place.  For instance….

What was wrong with the Russian Navy in 1904 – that caused them to lose the war?

Did the Czar understand Naval Warfare or Geography?

Why was the Czar’s navy in the lead of the Russian Revolution…

Why didn’t Stalin declare war on the Japanese – until AFTER we’d dropped two atomic bombs?

Who got a Nobel Peace Prize?   Is that why Obama accepting his was such a joke?

Why do the Russians today still court the Iranians….  Could it be for access to the Indian Ocean…?

Thus from the firing of the Baltic Fleet Admirals and Captains, we can conclude that Putin had some mischief in mind, but his Fleet Commanders knew they didn’t have seaworthy ships or battle-ready crews to pull it off. They’ll likely be allowed to retire with their pensions intact, and their replacements are on notice.

The Kursk crew didn’t drown in vain…..

Salvage of the Kursk

4 Responses to “Czar Putin Fires His Admirals….”

  1. Walter Knight

    The technology to build a carrier based task force is beyond the Russians, making their navy a joke before it even leaves port. Russia’s only hope is to buy mini-carriers from the West. Will we do that? Probably.


    The French built two helicopter carriers for them, but halted delivery after Russian moved into Eastern Ukraine… They may end up as part of the Egyptian Navy….

    French built Russian carrier

  2. Hawk1776

    Reminds one of the Stalin purges in the 1930s. Russia paid dearly for those.

    The Baltic Fleet has been a joke for a long time. They actually encased rusting nuclear submarines in concrete sarcophagi to prevent them from leaking radiation.

  3. Varvara

    Time to make another Hollywood film, with an aging actor, about the Russian Navy. Who will star?

  4. WJ

    What Russia does is irrelevant to us unless you are neocon. For some reason they detest the Russian but personally I could not care less if Putin invaded Ukraine. They are no threat to us.


    Well, thanks for your comment WJ.

    Maybe you should look at a map of Europe for a few minutes….