Cynthia Nixon: Proving Their Well Is Dry!

Posted March 19th, 2018 by Iron Mike

New York State is $354 BILLION in DEBT – – with 14% of their people on Food Stamps…..and the best Democrats can find to run for Governor is a cancer-riddled lesbian actress in a low-cut dress?

The Sex and the City actress just announced her run for Governor of New York!  Is this the BEST the New York Democrats can find?  They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel!

Between her natural two and her lesbian partner/lover/spouse – 51-year old Cynthia has 4 children.  She has a BA from Barnard.

But her resume of acting roles includes Z-E-R-O management or leadership positions…..

.so how does she expect to run the $150 Billion Empire State?

Patiently awaiting the outraged comments from the various groups of Social Justice Warriors….. 

UPDATE:  Thurs 24 May 2018   Nixon is HUMILIATED!   Gets <5% of the votes at the New York State DemoCRAP convention.  They’ll go with the goon they know and trust.   Even Hillary backs him.  OUCH!

2 Responses to “Cynthia Nixon: Proving Their Well Is Dry!”

  1. Kojack

    “Is this the BEST the New York Democrats can find? They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel!”

    Mike, we’re talking about DEMOCRAPS. There ain’t a dimes worth of difference between the top and the bottom.

  2. Panther 6

    Well Kojack stole my comment. The demorats are truly hard pressed if she is the best they can do. Totally unreal, sort of makes my skin crawl. The country is in deep trouble.