Cyndi Roy Gonzalez Broke The Law!

Posted April 30th, 2014 by Iron Mike

She is the Director of Communications at the Mass Dept of Transportation, and she broke the law by using her official government computer to email other government workers – about a Democrat political campaign against a ballot initiative.Cyndi Roy Gonzalez Illegal Email
You can’t get much more IN YOUR FACE than that, – but then in Taxachusetts, – who you gonna call? Deval Patrick? Martha Coakley? Rich Davey?

BACKGROUND: Massachusetts Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians and TEA Party Patriots have been fighting the evil “Forever Tax” on gasoline.

That tax – passed at midnight before a 3-day weekend increases the gas tax EVERY YEAR – without any further votes.

It was designed to give Democrats plausible deniability in years to come. They could then all say “OH that – that was passed YEARS AGO!”  Those arrogant bastards know that voters are mostly uninformed – busy making a living and raising families.

So while voters were preparing Thanksgiving Dinner, – the KleptocRATS stuck it to us.

And for a year, the fight to repeal it has gathered over 100,000 signatures – and pissed off Deval Patrick.  He wants that money badly – for a pet project, – the South Coast Railroad [to be named after him] – which will add 1,500 – 2,500 more state employees to our tax burden.

This lawbreaking – by a long-time and highly placed / paid STATE EMPLOYEE – a DIRECTOR – is Deval Patrick fighting back to keep his evil tax revenue.

Cyndi is on it

Cyndi never thought about it for a moment!  She was a willing errand-girl for the bigwigs – eager to ‘make a difference’, – get noticed, – and get a better job.

Democrats never stop to think, – to research the LAW, – to ponder right from wrong, – or read our Constitution. The ONLY people they’ll ever question are patriots.

Cyndi was ‘merely following orders – just like everybody else in her department’. You would be hard-pressed to find a state government with more embedded and institutionalized corruption than Massachusetts – under Deval Patrick.

Cyndi Roy Gonzalez Lawbreaker

And who is ever going to clean it up? Martha “See no Evil” Coakley? This is the state where you can hold a sign for Elizabeth Warren [now Senator Squaw] – and be named Suffolk County Sheriff.

What the hell, give Cyndi a call – 857 368-8500 – let her tell you her side of the story. She needs some practice now – practice lying to a live audience.

Anybody think her bosslawyer Richard Davey – will man up and take the blame?

I often wonder what such people tell their kids…

Cyndi Roy Gonzales broke the law

FYI: Cyndi’s husband – attorney Jay Gonzalez – is the former Secretary of Administration and Finances for Governor Deval Patrick.




Stomach Turning UPDATE:   January 2016   It seems that violations of the law are no impediment for Mass Democrats from getting bigger, better jobs with State Officials…

– in this case with our openly lesbian Attorney General Maura Healey.

Cyndi Roy is now her Communications Director…..

Cyndi works for Maura Healey

UPDATE:   Monday, 30 Jan 2017   AWKWARD!!!   Now we know why Cyndi’s résumé has been flying around Boston.  She works for gun-grabbing AG Maura Healey (the Lesbian),   – and suddenly her husband Jay announces a run for Governor….

So what will Jay tell his supporters and his donors about his crooked wife?


5 Responses to “Cyndi Roy Gonzalez Broke The Law!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    What have we heard from the Mass GOP?

  2. Harry Huckum

    Your little girls must be proud of you Cindy Lou Who?

    But put that aside. Will the guvnah throw you under the bus, or will he fight for you and put the fix in with ethics?

  3. Casey Chapman

    She’ll be promoted. Look at how long it took to get rid of Olga Dahling!!! No—-our state government is corrupt as the day is long. They are out in the open about it, though, I gotta give them that.

  4. sad4magop

    It may seem off topic but it really is not. The fact that these people are in power and stay in power is a tribute to the successful indoctrination of our youth into liberal thinking. Because youngster have been robbed of youthful curiosity in the schools, they cannot think for themselves, and unknowingly they vote as they are told. Their brains have been fried to the point that they cannot even make the connection between this scandal and the fact that after years in college they are working for $38,000 a year. They vote Dem, Dens stay in power.