Cyber Crime From Space?

Posted August 24th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Caring parent or jealous vengeful snoop?  She used a NASA computer.  Now taxpayer money must be used to sort it out.

TAXPAYER QUESTION:  Why does America / NASA need gay or lesbian astronauts?  How will they help breed a human colony on Mars?

She said vs She said:  Astronaut Anne McClain says she “was only checking Summer Worden’s bank account – to be sure there was enough money to care for her child”.

It seems the child is Worden’s, but McClain either wants custody,  – or wants to use the child as a pawn in her revenge game.  Worden had filed for divorce in 2018 – after McClain accused her of assault.

It’s in the hands of the NASA Inspector General now.  Hopefully both women can find new work – well away from NASA,  and from each other.

Anybody think the Russian or Chinese Space Programs
have a gay / lesbian behavior problem?

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