Cutting Children’s Heads – In The Name Of God

Posted December 27th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Right after 9/11, George Bush proclaimed “Islam is a religion of peace”.  At that moment I knew that he was being advised to “play to the Arab street” – even at the risk of being taken for a fool in many circles.

He probably didn’t know about Ashura – the remembrance in Shi’a Islam of a battle in 680 AD in what today is the Iraqi city of Karbala. The grandson of Muhammad and his family and friends were wiped out – their women and children carried off to captivity. The rest is pretty convoluted.  But today the annual remembrance is a gruesome procession, with men whipping and cutting themselves, – and their children too.  If these pictures [readily available on the internet] disturb you,  then you are just beginning to understand the deep cultural and religious divide between us and the most radical and fundamental factions of Islam.

To be realistic, every religion and every cult has its extremists.  Most don’t go this far. But because these people do – we need to really worry when they are buying centrifuges, enriching uranium, and practically begging Israel and the West to attack them. The most fanatical of them believe that only out of the blood and dust of “The Last Battle” can come the “Twelfth Iman” sometimes called “The Hidden Iman”.  It is this Twelfth Iman they believe who will lay low their enemies and lead them to paradise. Earlier this year when Obama was also praising Islam, – we knew he was lying to us, – because we knew of his deep Muslim roots. Today is Ashura.  It’s a very different message from Christmas.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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