CT Select-Woman Takes A Knee

Posted July 25th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Trump Derangement Syndrome has come to a town hall in rural Connecticut,  – and will likely come to your town soon.

Once a Green Party Candidate for State Senate,  the Select-woman in a house dress (similar to Hillary’s stylish collection) took a knee to show her rage at Trump’s meeting with Putin.

We Republicans and Conservatives watch in daily HORROR as otherwise nice and caring people – fed a daily diet of CNN – MSNBC – ABC – PBS have their brains altered to the point that Math,  Geography,  and Common Sense no longer function…

…they’re called Zombie Liberals….

Apparently stunned by the negative reaction, Ms. Schlag released a statement about her angst at seeing Trump sit with Putin,…which added to her original angst over the Billy Bush tapes….

Somehow, for these past 18 months, – all good news has gone over her head.

She says she’ll continue to kneel….

Maybe somebody down in Haddam can buy her a nice set of kneepads;  

’cause she’s gonna be kneeling for another 6½ years!


Melissa,  can you find Helsinki on an unmarked map?

UPDATE:   Wed, 1 August 2018    Schlag does it again – has the town angry and divided.

A phalanx of photographers were on hand Monday night when Selectwoman Melissa Schlag did it AGAIN – this time on BOTH knees.

There had been pro and anti demonstrations in town,  now over 100 showed up for Selectman Meeting. Town BUSINESS was set aside while both sides were heard.

There were lots of veterans on hand to say they support her right to protest – BUT….Town Meeting is supposed to be non-partisan, – and her kneeling during the Pledge HERE – is a case of disrespect to the Flag and the Town; – that she should take her Trump-hatred elsewhere.

But Schlag has discovered a core of disgruntled Trump-hating Hillary supporters who are with her….who turned out in BLACK…

Whatever Schlag’s original goals,  – she has quickly divided her town

The next few Selectman Meetings should be real zoos – because outsiders will come on both sides, and the Media loves reporting on a fight

Now the Haddam town budget will have to pay for additional police to keep order.


9 Responses to “CT Select-Woman Takes A Knee”

  1. Marty Lamb

    looks like she is wearing a hospital gown, did she break out of a rubber room?

  2. Varvara

    Her dress looks similar to HRC’s. Think they are the same person?


    For most of her public life she made an effort be appear groomed and even glamorous.

    This stark departure tells me there’s a crisis in her personal life, – thus this sudden need for attention – even hostile attention.

  3. Mt Woman

    Does anyone know if she is the same female candidate who several weeks ago in a Connecticut candidates forum for governor or US senator had to be physically escorted off the stage for forcing her way into an event that she was not invited to participate in? This woman seems a bit deranged.


    Different Deranged MoonBat! You’re speaking of Governor Candidate Lee Whitnum, see RRB April 18th this year:


  4. Ben

    Find Helsinki? She can’t find her way home. How in hell do people like her get votes?


    Some people will vote for a pretty face…..

    ….that’s how JFK got elected….

  5. Walter Knight

    Another liberal traitor outs herself.

  6. Panther 6

    Sadly this kind if idiocy was bound to spread. This lady, or whatever, is in need of counseling.

  7. Brenda T

    An article from the Hartfort newspaper at the end of the article said the article was about Donald Trump not about her kneeling for the flag. She apparently took her flag down before President Trump but now says it is because of him.
    We have to get vocal, we the American people are the majority. They may use the freedom they are provided to slap us in the face but we don’t have to let them get away scott free. No violence, none. But just like they are doing to us use our freedom to protest them. Of course in this police state we have now especially the state police it will be hard. And the absolutely violent democrat side to stay out of jail will be hard. But if we love America we’ll stand up for her. This is disgusting and sickening behavior, we somehow let happen by not teaching our kids and leaving it up to the schools to indoctrinate our kids. From grade school to college. Now there are drag queens reading drag queen nursery stories to kindergarteners in public libraries. We better get a handle on this shit now.
    We have to get out and vote Republican even if we have to hold our noses in some cases of RHINO’s and establishment hacks, we’ll get them out in due time. Clean up the government.

  8. Brenda T

    I was a little upset when I started the above rant. Lol
    I was reading an article about the woman kneeling in a Hartfort paper I think the Chronicle? Anyway at the bottom of the article it said that the article was about President Trump…not a single tag about it being about the disrespectful council woman who divided a town over the flag something that shouldn’t even be an issue at all.

  9. Mick O'Harp

    Just stumbled on your site. Thanks for shining the light of TRUTH on the various topics you’re covering.