Cryin’ Lyin China Joe To Address The UN

Posted September 20th, 2021 by Iron Mike

He’s dreamt of this historic moment for at least 33 years,  – since his first run for President back in 1988…  He was forced to end that campaign when he was caught lying – by the media.  Delaware voters didn’t care.
On Tuesday, Sept 21st,  Biden will be addressing the UN,  – trying to look like the world’s senior statesman.  He comes dripping in failures,  fumbles,  and scandals,  – not the least of which is they all know he is an illegitimate office holder.   And they ALL know he is a sick man.   But they like it when America looks weak!
UPDATE:  Watch 34 minutes of mindless mediocrity:   VIDEO

A lifelong serial liar, a shameless grifting kleptocrat with a compulsive need to bombasticate and fabricate heroic stories about himself.

Barely 10 seconds of halfhearted polite applause….

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