Crooked China Joe Swears A False Oath

Posted January 20th, 2021 by Iron Mike

LBJ – Jimmy Carter – the Clintons – Muslim terrorism – the Obamas – Coronavirus – Biden-Harris….

Dear Lord,  how many more plagues are we to endure?

Joe jumped the gun this morning – being sworn in 12 minutes early.

He went to “Mass” this morning.  This afternoon this so-called ‘Catholic’ will sign an Executive Order for the US to resume paying for the murder of unborn babies.

Those who stayed home didn’t miss much – – it was a most uninspiring speech.

Whoever wrote it for Biden must have wanted Joe to look and sound dull and mediocre…  They succeeded!

Well Folks – the vote theft worked.  Baby-killer Biden is now in charge.

God Help Us – Please!

3 Responses to “Crooked China Joe Swears A False Oath”

  1. Jim Buba

    “Witnessed by throngs numbering in the hundred…”

  2. Kojack

    It was revealing that former VP Mike Pence, Mitch McConnel(the turtle) and Kevin McCarthy wouldn’t go to Andrews AFB to see the Trump family off. He was surrounded by turncoats the whole time. My heart grieves today for the U.S.A. and for the Trump family, I am truly afraid for their safety.

    The POLLY-ANNA’s who think Trump is gonna come back from this have a rude awakening. The HOME GROWN COMMUNIST TRAITORS control all 3 branches of gov’t and have SOCIAL MEDIA and the LAME STREAM MEDIA on their side as well. They can put thru any radical policy they want for at least 2 years. They will pack the Supreme Court with lib-TURD judges, add DC and Puerto Rico as states giving them a permanent majority in the U.S. Senate, grant amnesty and citizenship to 28M illegals who will all vote DUMMYCRAP, eliminate the electoral college and declare the other side(Trump supporters/conservatives) domestic terrorists for starters. Our hope is that it falls apart extremely quick and badly before they can consolidate power.

  3. Walter Knight

    Is it too early to give Biden the Nobel Peace Prize?