Crime-buster Carmen Ortiz Strikes Again!

Posted February 18th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Doing the work our duly-elected Lipstick Lesbian won’t – catching corrupt state politicians; – as Gov’nr Baker busies himself trying to rig the MassGOP elections.
Carmen Ortiz took Action
Oh, and Charlie was busy last month endorsing New Jersey’s RiNO Whale – Chris Christie – who dropped out last week.   Charlie, your RiNO administration isn’t looking any sharper than Deval’s….   Oh, that’s right, – you just played musical chairs…with his flunkies.

FBI Raids Joyce's OfficeSo the FBI raids the Canton office of State Senator Brian Joyce [yes, a Democrat– who’s been living large on his expense account and unofficial ‘favors’ [old fashioned graft],  right under the nose of our Lesbian Attorney GeneralMaura Healey….

.but you see Maura was VERY BUSY trying to block the lawsuit of some kids who were sexually molested by a worker at the Bridgewater College Day Care Center,  – because Maura thought she could forestall any further investigations into the kind of people who’ve been working there…..all good union dues-paying state employees,…[i.e. Democrat voters…..]

Maura Sued

Charlie has been twisting arms of certain state employees to back his hand-picked RiNO candidates for the 80-member MassGOP State Committee,…because in his wildest imagination he thinks Massachusetts delegates ~ might just maybe ~ salvage a Jeb Bush candidacy at a brokered GOP convention….like we matter anymore…

Charlie Baker hates Conservatives

But protect vulnerable kids under DCF supervision?   Nah,  Charlie played musical chairs,…people got promoted,…and at-risk kids are still in deadly danger.

Crime?   Our new State Attorney General promoted a criminal – Cyndi Roy Gonzales.

Cyndi Roy Gonzalez Illegal Email

Remember Cyndi – the cute little blonde go-getter who followed Deval’s orders and used her state computer to issue instructions to defeat the ballot measure to end the forever gas tax?

Cyndi should have been fired.

But Maura Healey must think she has a nice body,  – Maura hired her as a Communications Director…for the AG Office…. What broken election laws? Maura don’t see no damn broken laws…. “Cyndi – quick, – issue a press release…!”

“Yes Ma’am…!”

OFFICIAL:  Brian Joyce?  He’s one of us!

After all, Massachusetts voters have a long and storied history of sending criminals to represent them – both on Beacon Hill and in Washington,…to include a murderer, – a pedophile, – a gay whore-master, various drunks, thieves, nincompoops, a fake squaw, and an ice cream vendor who’s taken up residence in Chevy Chase….

Funny how Martha Coakley could never see any criminal activity,….and now neither can Maura Healey!
Coakley Never Saw This

Really Folks,…is it expecting too much,…to expect our own Attorney General to go after our own crooks?

Why does it always have to be the US Attorney…?

And why can’t Baker do his official duties, go kick some asses, – and stop meddling with elections?

Oh,…he’s really a Democrat…?   Well,…that explains a lot!   I guess he won’t be going after the guards smuggling drugs into our state prisons,…will he…?

UPDATE:   Friday, 8 December 2017   Seems this story isn’t over, – with a new Republican Attorney General in Washington, and a new US Attorney here in Boston….

Today the FBI said he’s facing 100+ counts of bribery and extortion adding up to $1,000,000.oo – – which sounds to me like they intend to squeeze him to net a bigger fish.

Jail or talk Brian?

Somebody on Beacon Hill should be sweatin’ bullets!

JOYCE FOUND DEAD!  Thurs, 27 Sept 2018  Press reports Joyce was “found dead” in his Westport home by his wife….



Did he take it himself,  – or did he have “help”?

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