Cretins Are Killing America’s Breeding Stock!

Posted August 23rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

Ladies,  jogging won’t keep you healthy if you get raped and murdered doing it while UNARMED!

As this case develops,  she may not have been a chance victim,  – or even his first…

At RRB we don’t in any way mean to ‘blame the victim’.

RATHER,  we FULLY BLAME the men in Sydney’s life who raised her without knowledge or awareness of the evil that lurks in every neighborhood.

She should have been schooled and trained,  – and ARMED!

But she was unarmed.  She was out jogging the deserted back farm country roads of Eastern Arkansas, – no Mace, no knife, no gun,  – NO CHANCE!

Men,  would you let your wife,  sister,  daughter,  or girlfriend jog alone out here – UNARMED?

Quake is married. His wife is Facebook friends with Sydney.  When she was reported missing,  HE showed up to help look for her.

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Rape is often unreported.  Victims often feel they are to blame,  or just don’t want the publicity or to testify in court.

In 2018 there were 652,676 reported rapes of US Women.  Most could have been prevented if the victims were trained and ARMED,  – at least with MACE.

Ladies,  at best you will have 1½ seconds to recognize your danger and react.  If you’re not carrying MACE and/or a pistol, (better BOTH),  – you’re probably going to be assaulted,  – likely raped,  – and a good chance murdered.

Your “Rape Whistle” is useless. 

Don’t waste time, – shoot the bastard!

Ladies,  get TRAINED by somebody who really knows both the weapons and the LAW.

You MUST understand what you can and cannot do,  – and act out of training and instinct within 1½ seconds.   

HINT:   the goon (in most circumstances) must be within 10 feet of you or you’ll have a tough sell to make that you were in “eminent danger”

WHERE on your person and HOW QUICKLY you can reach your pistol is more important than what brand you’re carrying.  Revolvers (like pictured) are better than automatics, – because in that moment of terror you don’t want to have to remember about a safety.

Hammerless revolvers won’t snag on your garments as you’re trying to draw.

But if it’s down to your word against his,  – and he’s “busy elsewhere” explaining his life to Saint Peter….

Meanwhile,  law enforcement is now looking at Quake Lewellyn for the disappearance of Brooke Lairson Allensworth back in 2018.   Look at the terrain photos above,  and realize how much land there is to turn bodies into fertilizer.

UPDATE: Monday, 24 August 2020 Autopsy not complete, – so the manner of her death still not known. Quake admitted to police he saw her walking on Route 41, turned around, kidnapped her – tossed her in the back of his truck, – and drove elsewhere to rape her. He was held without bail.

MEN:  Get your women trained and armed!

NO!   RRB and Iron Mike have ZERO connection with Ruger.

They just make reliable firearms.   Consult your own expert,  but remember we’re talking about a carry gun for a woman – in her car, – on the street, – around the home, – or out jogging or dog-walking.

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  1. Kojack

    For those who prefer automatics because they carry in the city and need more firepower but still don’t want to deal with a safety during a critical moment, I suggest the Glock Model 27. The safety is on the trigger and it is very reliable but whatever you choose you need to practice.

    Glock 27 w/ Crimson Trace