Crazy Mazie Hirono Walks Out

Posted August 4th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Democrats in general hate Ted Cruz,  – because he sticks to the Constitution,  wants law and order,  – and because he always calls out their hypocrisy.  Ted was holding hearings on AntiFA today,  Hawaii’s Crazy (retarded) Mazie Hirono walked out.
Full 3½ hour hearing below the fold:

Here is the FULL 3+ Hour Hearing:

FYI:  Mazie is 72,  was born in Japan just after WWII,  came to Hawaii as a child,  and has spent 34 years on government payrolls – as a Hawaiian State Rep,  LtGov of Hawaii,  US Rep, – and since 2013 as a US Senator.  She is an attorney, with her JD from Georgetown.

For so long as Democrats keep electing – then reelecting crooks and retards like Creepy Joe Biden,  Chevy Chase Eddie,  the Squaw,  Upchuck Schumer,  Pelosi,  and Crazy Mazie,…nothing in this country can really get significantly better.

These people live very comfortably on their government checks,  benefits,  and insider deals. They quietly get rich,  – richer than they ever could doing honest work in the private sector.

So they can give bold lip service to important issues,  – or like Mazie – sit through 3 hours of hearings and never say an unkind word about AntiFA

Mazie is often CONFUSED – 2018:

Still CONFUSED in 2019:

2 Responses to “Crazy Mazie Hirono Walks Out”

  1. W Larry

    More evidence that all leftist activities are planned out with only one goal, to seize power over the American people and put them all into slavery to the government, open the borders and become part of the globalist economy. One world government under the beast is coming and few will escape.

  2. Kojack

    Looks like YouTube took down the videos. I suggest moving as much as possible to BitChute and other conservative platforms. Parler is a conservative alternative to Twitter.