CPAC 2021: Governor Kristi Noem

Posted February 28th, 2021 by Iron Mike

“Covid didn’t crush the Economy;  Government Did!”
RRB sees a future US President in this Lady! (You’ll have to click past the damned ads.)

3 Responses to “CPAC 2021: Governor Kristi Noem”

  1. Kojack

    Her governance in SD is outstanding(at least equal with Ron Desantis in FL and she’s easy on the eyes.

    I watched her speech yesterday, it was an excellent, moving speech. One of the best I’ve ever heard. It should be rebroadcast in it’s entirety on every medium that conservative Republicans pay attention to. If she gets the VP slot, and she should, in 2024 it’s a ready made campaign ad.

  2. panther6

    Agree completely with Mike and Kojack. I also listened to her speech and it reflected Presidential “timber” quality. The GOP should pay attention.

  3. Blossom* Stiefel

    Amazing woman, amazing Governor, we are blessed to have a role model like Kristi Noem in government. Instead of locking down 327 million citizens, she kept her state free. Kristi Noem recommended that her people take extra care, where the rest of the country followed the draconian Communist Chinese example of Maoism on the recommendation of Dr.(Death) Fauci. They were inventing new edicts every day, restrictions on movement and assembly while offering threats and punishments for those who don’t cooperate.

    I will never forget our own Governor Baker and his sidekick Polito announced that they have set up a “snitch line”, just dial 211 to snitch on your friend, neighbor, relative if they are not obeying their radical agenda. Absolutely disgusting, anti American and nothing that we ever would have expected in our country.

    Governor Kristi Noem is a treasure, a true patriot, a wonderful role model for all of us.