Cowboys, Cattle, A Tortoise, And Obama

Posted April 14th, 2014 by Iron Mike

How bad science and bad politics put another nail in Obama’s coffin.
The Bunkerville Range War
Yes, – your government lied to you!   Believing this range war nearly started over an “endangered tortoise” – or over unpaid grazing fees, – would be like believing that Obama cares about your medical bills – or that ObamaCare is a wonderfully clever and inspired plan.   You know that’s bullshit!

They claimed the issue was ‘the endangered Desert Tortoise’ – endangered because overgrazing by cattle – Cliven Bundy’s cattle in particular, – were causing the little critters to starve.  BULLSHIT!

Yes, bullshit – is exactly what the tortoises eat!  They can’t eat the grass and rugged brush the cattle can, – but they thrive on cattle dung.  

But the government needed an excuse – so they ginned up two of them; – the “Endangered Desert Tortoise”, and unpaid grazing fees….

And they damn near started a shooting war – with our own citizens.

Harry & Rory ReidLurking in the darkness is Nevada Democratic Senator Harry Reid – with a lifetime of dishonest dealings – and a son – Rory – involved with a Chinese solar panel company [ENN Energy Group – run by Chinese Billionaire Wang Yusuo] that wanted Bundy’s ranchland for a huge solar station.

Obama’s entire political career – his entire life story is a big lie. 

Now in his 6th year as pResident, – with ObamaCare an acknowledged disaster, – with Kathleen Sebelius finally forced to resign, – and with Russia’s Vladimir Putin eating his lunch all over the Middle East and Eastern Europe…

it took only the lowly Tortoise to hammer this last nail into the “Anointed One’s” political coffin.

There is no political recovery for Obama after Bunkerville.  His ‘troops’ were pointing sniper rifles at American Citizens – on behalf of the conniving liars – Harry and Rory Reid.

Do you think we’ll ever get the full inside story?

I don’t!  But with Harry and Rory Reid involved, – and with the BLM sniper teams locking on to the Bundy family,…I think we have enough of the picture.

This was a Federal Government land-grab – on behalf of corrupt Democrat politicians.   The cows and the tortoise were mere cover stories.

Meanwhile: there are other federal land-grabs in the works, – just as the federal government [and many state governments] are hard at work to restrict your rights, – including your right to self-defense, – your right to educate and raise you kids as you see fit, – your right to drive what you please, – live in a home built to your specifications, – heat it your way, – and your right to eat and drink what you please and can afford. 

We need a new Congress – ASAP!

5 Responses to “Cowboys, Cattle, A Tortoise, And Obama”

  1. Tom

    It was ironic that this near disaster took place in Bunkerville, Nevada, how prophetic. The land grab, not to be confused with the gun grab is taking place on range land in Texas totaling 90,000 acres. Watch for this, because the Texans will defend Texas with as much force as necessary. Semper Peratus!!

  2. Kojack

    We won this battle in the land-grab war and now we have to win the Justina Pelletier kid grab before this poor girl dies.

  3. Varvara

    Just a min. gentlemen. The ranchers haven’t quite won. They may have won the 1st round but I believe there will be a second round. The gov’t. placed a ‘no fly’ over the area. This stops helicopters from passing over the area and reporters, news stations, and private individuals from seeing anything that might alert citizens of something else coming. The 30 day no fly was not lifted, it is still in effect.

  4. MC

    Judge Napolitano Fox News explains the law with reference to Bundy’s protest.

  5. Casey Chapman

    The biggest thing that could solve most of the problem would be for the state to get the land back from the federalies.