Cowboy Democrat Angers Nuclear Ally

Posted December 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

It’s one thing to do your job, – quite another to ‘overdo it‘.
Preet and Devyani
When you’ve been dubbed ‘the Sheriff of Wall Street’ – a major blunder can have international consequences.

So a routine issue gets carried away…and we’ve REALLY pissed off nuclear ally IndiaOops!

Seems Mrs. Devyani Khobragade is India’s Counsel General in NY City.  And she was probably violating our rules about paying her housekeeper the going wage.  And she probably files some false paperwork to keep the lady here in the US – while paying her peanuts…Suddenly a victim

So US Attorney Preet Bharara [Indian-born] had her arrested, cuffed, and stuck in the tank with a goodly collection of NYC drug addicts and toots. 

Screw-up, – or was he trying to send a message?

She posted a huge $250K bail – and of course was photographed distraught and in tears.  India is pissed!

Today the Indian government removed the security barriers from in front of the US Embassy in New Delhi, and demanded all US diplomatic personnel hand in their travel permits.

Security Barriers being removed

Quick, where’s John Kerry to smooth this one over? Marie Harf

Oh yeah, – Kerry’s on a ‘Global Warming’ mission up the Mekong River in Vietnam, telling anyone who’ll listen his old war stories.  And Obama’s headed to Hawaii on vacation.

So much for the administration of HOPE and CHANGE!  Dumb-asses!

Given the way most Indians treat their women, – is this their reaction a bit over-done, – or are there other issues that have been simmering, – waiting for an excuse to bubble up?

Oh,…did I mention that somebody decided to strip-search Ms. Khobragade?  I wonder if they did that just because of SOP, – or because she’s fairly hot…?  

You just know some US embassy lady is going to be arrested and strip-searched – somewhere in India.  Payback is coming girls!

3 Responses to “Cowboy Democrat Angers Nuclear Ally”

  1. Tom

    This State Department regime is just as inept as the previous regime, in fact I believe that Kerry is even more of a moron than his predecessor if that’s possible. It’s wonderful that he and Moma T will be vacationing in Asia (Hawaii) with Barry, Michelle, the girls and the mother in law. Very cozy, they can further screw up our foreign relations, but they better look over their shoulder for the North Koreans and the Iranians.

  2. Casey Chapman

    I’m surprised they had the gonads to arrest her. I have heard stories for years about the diplomats constantly getting out of parking tickets, etc.

  3. Walter Knight

    This arrest was ridiculous and an outrage.

    Indian Ambassador Devyani Khobragade is accused of stating on a visa application that she was paying her baby sitter more than the three dollars an hour she was actually paying. For that she faces felony charges, a $250,000 bail, and custodial arrest? In light of real visa fraud that the U.S. Attorney’s Office ignores, this case is a waste of time and displays a high level of incompetence.

    The Indian born Assistant U.S. Attorney that filed charges clearly has an agenda, and it has nothing to do with fighting crime or illegal immigration. She should be summarily fired for being Felony Stupid and an Idiot out of Season.

    Maybe the other Village Idiot can get her a job as a cattle guard. Where does Obama get people like this? She’s as incompetent as Susan Rice.

    India is not some despot led country whose diplomats can be so abused. India is an ally and world power, extremely important to American interests.