Cowardly Mayor de Blasio Runs Away

Posted July 23rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

It was a great political moment – NY City’s commie mayor running from an angry Queens housewife…and it was all caught on video.

He ~ thought ~ he was announcing sidewalk repairs.   It may well turn out to be the turning point in his re-election campaign!  2 short videos:

Vickie Paladino was driving by and spotted de Blasio’s self-serving photo-op – when she hopped out and accosted him.

Rather than stand there and give her an honest answer – the 6′ 5” commie coward turned and ran.

Between the ambush killing of Police Officer Miosotis Familia,  his trip to Hamburg to protest,  the subway system in meltdown,  and now running from an angry voter,…we can only hope that even NY City’s lifelong Gimmecrats have had enough of their commie mayor.

Tough as nails Vickie then held an impromptu press conference of her own!

5 Responses to “Cowardly Mayor de Blasio Runs Away”

  1. Mt Woman

    Unfortunately most folks don’t care about why De Blasio didn’t stay home to mourn an assassinated policewoman. Thankfully the press did want a quick interview, but will this ever be shown on the mainstream media in NY? My guess is NO–the media support the liberal agenda of De Blasio the same way it supports the Resist movement against Trump.

  2. MC

    Just the type of fight,feistiest and dedication that would bring the City of New York back from De Blasio clutches. Go Vickie!

  3. Sherox

    Run, Vickie, Run!

  4. Panther 6

    This lady did NY a great favor to the citizens of NY who failed the Big Apple when they elected this idiot to office. He is a disgrace and I hope New Yorkers are waking up to that fact. He needs to be gone.

    Atta girl Vickie!

  5. PhuckTheRight

    Republican here. Been so my whole life but I’m disheartened and frankly pissed at the current state of my party. The GOP has turned into a hateful party and I’m not in it any longer.

    Today I hereby renounce my affiliation with the Republican party. They are out of touch with reality and has given strength to hate groups to “come out of the closet” so to speak. I cannot raise my children with sound mind knowing that the party gaslights their base with hateful rhetoric.

    America, I’m afraid, is in one of its darkest hours and I can’t support the downfall of this nation.

    I acknowledge my mistake for supporting this party blindly for so long. I will be voting Democrat 2018 with knowing full well I will lose my family and friends in the process.

    Country over party and common sense over corporate interest!


    Well Phuck YOU Dude. If you want to make a statement like that – use your REAL NAME – or else hide in the darkness of the internet like the COWARD you are.

    BTW, your IP address <> comes back from Canada, – so we have to ask – are you really an American?