Cowardly Hillary Refuses Fox Debate

Posted May 23rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Who is she scared of,  – Bernie or Megyn?   With Fox she can’t be guaranteed scripted softball questions….
Hillary refuses to debate Bernie
…and she might not find enough supporters to fill the audience.  And there ~ might ~ be some really tough questions….about Chinese campaign money.

Year of the Rat  Clintons and Gore

You younger voters won’t remember much about the 90s and Bill Clinton’s sweetheart deals to trade American military secrets for Chinese campaign cash for his 1996 reelection effort.

Johnny Chung  Clintons

And by 2000 Vice President Al Gore was getting some too,  – but he was real sloppy about how he did it, – and folks got caught….

But Democrats have little respect for campaign laws they were written to keep honest Republicans from winning….

.Now Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe [long-time Clinton buddy] is under FBI investigation for taking Chinese money – from Chinese Billionaire Wang Wenliang

Hillary campaigns for McAuliffe

Wang has also promised a lot of money to Hillary,…so these are questions she doesn’t want to risk having to answer.


Bill campaigns for Terry McAuliffe

And lets not forget how deep Bill is into the Chinese…..

1997  Jiang Zemin w Bill Clinton

TO ALL YOUNG DEMOCRATS READING THIS:  Yes!  Sadly,  the Clintons and Al Gore sold American military secrets including satellite technology, H-Bomb technology, and naval secrets for campaign cash.

They are all TRAITORS.

You may choose to disbelieve,  – and still vote for Hillary;  – but at least we warned you – she is a RAT BITCH TRAITOR!

And THAT has nothing to do with her being a woman!

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