Courthouse Corruption – Massachusetts Style

Posted May 25th, 2016 by Iron Mike

TurtleboyThe murder Saturday of Auburn Cop Robert Tarentino takes on a new dimension – with a story breaking this afternoon thanks to Worcester Blogger Turtleboy Sports.  

I think we’re still only seeing the tip of the iceberg.
Judge Paul A Losapio
The judge – Paul A. Losapio – who released cop-killer Jorge Zambrano last week has a step-daughter Ashley – who works as a Probation Officer assigned to the Courthouse….

But stepdaughter Ashley has a troubled past – was investigated for leaking confidential stuff to criminal defendants….and thus re-assigned to the courthouse…

…AND,…she’s been dating the TWIN BROTHER of cop-killer Jorge Zambrano.


Is THAT why he gave him a ‘Get Out of Jail Card’?

During the hours the cops were hunting Zambrano,…did Ashley help keep him informed,…or even hide him…?

WHY would a Probation Officer date the brother of a cocaine smuggler – one with a record of assaulting police officers?   Who supervises her?

WHY would an honest judge hear a case involving a family member of his daughter’s boyfriend?

Has Losapio any judicial ethics at all…?

So we have a good cop DEAD,  and a State Policeman wounded,…all because of a corrupt judge and an empty-headed / corrupt probation officer?

And Folks,…you know there’s a LOT more we still haven’t heard….

Thank you Turtleboy!

Keep voting for MassHole Democrats People, – there’s lots more of this crap lurking in other courthouses….

UPDATE:   Thursday Afternoon 26 May   Twin Brother Giancarlo Zambrano finally showed up in court – and paid $4,000 toward a $7,000 bill he owes for failing to do some siding work.   A bench warrant was issued when he didn’t show on time,  but has now been withdrawn.


Giancarlo Zambrano

4 Responses to “Courthouse Corruption – Massachusetts Style”

  1. Walter Knight

    The judge should be disbarred. Anyone can file the complaint. Do it now.

  2. Walter Knight

    Judicial ethics rules are clear for conflict of interest or the appearance of conflict of interest.

  3. Hunter556

    An arrest warrant was just issued for his brother.

  4. Hunter556

    Things will never change here without conflict: