COURT: Obama Appointments ILLEGAL!

Posted January 25th, 2013 by Iron Mike


DC Court of Appeals rules:

Obama’s so-called ‘recess appointments’ to the NLRB – are in violation of the Constitution – i.e. ‘Illegal!’

The judges ruled that the three people Obama appointed to the NLRB back in January 2012 – Democrats Sharon Block, Richard Griffin and Republican Terence Flynn were appointed illegally, thus the NLRB did not have a quorum, – thus all rulings they made during 2012 – are invalid.Cordray CFPB

While not part of this legal action, – the ruling will undoubtedly affect the appointment of Richard Cordray – made the same day – to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

3 Responses to “COURT: Obama Appointments ILLEGAL!”

  1. Tom

    This will undoubtedly go to SCOTUS, because Obama has no respect for the lower courts. By the way have we ever found out why he and the lovely Michelle have lost their law license?

  2. Beatrice

    Hi Tom

    Somewhere I read that he lost his law license for lying on the application. Apparently there is a line that states: Have you ever been known by another name and he answered no. Zero must have forgotten that he had been adopted while in Indonesia by his step father and had used Soetoro Some dems claims that he just didn’t want to pay the annual licensing fee. Now that makes no sense. If you complete x number of years in college, pass the bar etc and then don’t want to pay a yearly fee of a couple hundred dollars. That makes no sense. But since all his records are sealed.. who knows. I would love to know what was on those LA Times tapes as well.

  3. Gene Davidson

    Just as Judge Ito in the O. J. Simpson farce trial instructed jurors they didn’t have to believe anything Mark Furman testified as the truth since they showed he lied about using tne “N” word while sworn in, Obama was sworn in to uphold the laws and constitution of the United States. He has been proven to be a liar on multiple occasions therefore we the people should be instructed we don’t have to believe a thing he says to be the truth. Every one of his executive orders should be nullified since he truly does not qualify to be the POTUS!