Councilman Larry Gossett Is Tiggered?

Posted July 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

He’s a big man,  and at 71 years old he’s been leading Civil Rights protests for decades,  – even doing a little jail time.  But suddenly the sight of a county employee power-washing human shit off the sidewalk in front of the courthouse has ‘triggered’ a flashback to 1963?

Is Larry really seeing visions of 1963,  – or does he have a need to be in the news?

Whatever Larry’s personal problems are,….he lives in Seattle – a city so insistently liberal that they think nothing of a homeless person taking a dump on the sidewalk in front of the County Courthouse.

Somehow in the warped Seattle minds, – that is deemed a “Constitutional Right”.

In Seattle they’ve never heard of corresponding personal and civic responsibilities – like personal hygiene and public health.

So after several judges stepped in human excrement on their way to the courthouse – they ordered the sidewalks power-washed to remove the health hazard.

And somehow Councilman Gossett was triggered – saying that the power-washing is RACIST – a throwback to Birmingham in 1963, – when fire hoses were used against Civil Rights protesters.

At RRB we just have to ask:  Is the Councilman just looking for TV cameras, – – or is he the biggest surviving pussy of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement…?

And is this really the biggest problem on the Councilman’s plate these days?

3 Responses to “Councilman Larry Gossett Is Tiggered?”

  1. John Pagel

    I don’t think the only shit is on the sidewalks in Seattle; I think a huge pile of it is all dressed up and talking to the media.

  2. Hawk1776

    If Gossett ever walked the streets before 9 AM he would know that most businesses wash the sidewalks in the morning. Racist my ass.

    My conspiracy theory is that someone is issuing the Democrats stupid pills. I have no other explanation of how so many became so stupid so quickly.

  3. Mt Woman

    Ha! Stupid pills, I like that one. There must be an epidemic going on in DC and the cure-all is the pink pill with the big “S”