Coronavirus Has Shocked A Generation

Posted March 26th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Millennials and the older GenZs knew ALL the Answers – about climate,  about Society,  about how the Economy, Politics, and Government should work.  Then the Chinese Coronavirus came along.

Everything they knew as a “FACT” a month ago is meaningless.  Their $800 smart phones can’t keep them safe.  Now they must work from home,  – or they’re being laid off in droves.  Suddenly a comfortable stash of toilet paper is more important than an aging Commie who believes in Climate Change and promises to forgive student loans.

Around our Nation,  young people are at home,  – and while some are tuning out the news,  – others are absorbing it even if they never used to watch or listen.

They’re watching local, state, and national leaders dealing with a totally new crisis,  where there is no well-defined set of rules or way to predict the future.

The possibility of a staggering death toll looms large….

And it slowly dawns on these committed young Globalists,  – that Communist China is not a friendly partner,  – and not a trustworthy source of life-saving drugs.

Imagine the shock these young Americans are experiencing.  The toughest times they’ve ever lived through were the Obama years,  and many were safely in school then.

Now thanks to the Media-induced Coronavirus panic,  they’ve been laid off from their new Trump-era jobs,  – and Bernie is suddenly very silent about “a $15.oo / hour living wage”,  – as he dodges questions about staying in the race.

They’re learning that paying rent,  car payments,  auto insurance,  student loans,  and buying groceries can be a real challenge without income.

Will they blame Trump, – – or blame the Red Chinese Government which covered up the start of the pandemic?

Will they come to see Trump as the visionary who saved the USA from becoming a mass-casualty hot zone,  – or will they still believe the Hillary Clinton lie machine of “Russian Collusion”?

At this point,  – will they still be hoping that Trump fails, resigns, or is impeached?  Or will they be be praying for an end of the pandemic,  – and that Trump can lead a rapid economic recovery?

Just ~ maybe ~ the world their union school teachers told them about,  – including the glories of Globalism,  – just isn’t how the world really is.

These younger Americans have some thinking and soul-searching to do,  – and only 222 days to do it before they vote – if they wake up and vote.

Come November will they still be clinging to Globalist ideals,  – or will they vote to Keep America Great?   “Free stuff”  – or FREEDOM?

There are young Americans in your life – Millennials and GenZs,  – who today are ill-equipped to deal with our situation….

.they’ve not been taught how to assimilate the news, how to separate the bullshit from the facts….

.how to deal with ugly realities….

In their youth – a good wizard at Hogwarts could banish evil with a mere “Flick and Switch”

You need to help them understand,…or their old age will be lived out under a failing socialist regime, – not unlike France or Venezuela….

Just 222 days!

4 Responses to “Coronavirus Has Shocked A Generation”

  1. Jim Buba

    I personally have been ALL OVER this story since the end of December when Dr. Wenliang’s name kept popping up out of Wuhan. By 20 January, it became known that Wenliang had been ‘quarantined’, reportedly for the (Wuhan) n-Corona Virus. having signed a confession, Wenliang then found a way to avoid Censorship by China for his anti-Social posts warning people and, at that time in early February, his personal medical condition in isolation.

    Wenliang died on 6 February, reportedly due to infection by (Wuhan) n-Corona Virus.

    The rest of the proverbial S*** has hit the fan and fallen on deaf ears. Outside of the Head of the World Health Organization being given Marching Orders from Peking to NOT call it (Wuhan) n-Corona Virus under penalty of financial extortion, there is little more to be stated.

    The difference between the (Wuhan) n-Corona Virus and the Common Cold & Flu is just the name suggested for the run-up to the U.S. Election in November.

  2. panther 6

    Mike; Atta boy, you nailed it with this blog. Sadly I fear the Millenial youth will not get it and for sure won’t want to accept your truth! I suspect some will wake up in the next 222 days. We can only hope.

  3. Walter Knight

    On January 31 President Trump announced travel restrictions from China. He was called racist by liberal Democrats. At the same time Italian liberals announced people should hug a Chinese to prove they’re not racist. Travel between Italy and China continued to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

    How did that work out, Italy?

  4. Sonny's Mom

    Actually, the toughest shock most of them have ever lived through was when an Uber driver picked them up a few minutes behind schedule.