Convention Report

Posted April 17th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

Not much new or unexpected happened at the convention. The party faithful made sure that Christy stayed off the ballot… making him pay for the past.

They were close to doing the same for Kamal Jain, but in the end he persevered and protested the vote tally and was able to remain on the ballot.

All other races went exactly as the MAGOP wanted them to. In any case, we spent time talking and meeting with old and new friends.

Those who ran the convention seemed mildly inept. Doors were supposed to open at 8am… but, for some unknown reason, they kept us standing and waiting in the lobby of the DCU until 0820. I figured we could have stormed the doors, but Sue insisted that that would have been unseemly. She was right, as usual. Then, instead of starting at 9am… no one appeared on stage until 0915 or so. The person who sang the National Anthem sang it like a funeral dirge… not exactly the upbeat beginning I’d have expected. Later in the day he reappeared inexplicably and sang “Amazing Grace” – certainly not another uplifting moment.

It took the MAGOP an inordinate time to tally the votes before announcing the winner. Some folks asked me what shenanigans were going on behind the curtain to cause such delays.

The Westford RTC sold many of the special edition “I’m from Massachusetts, thank me” buttons as a fund raiser.

The food was expensive (cup of coffee and bottle of water: $6). The seats were better than at the Tsongas Arena… and this one wasn’t named after a Democrat. I never could understand the reasoning behind that. Perhaps to “prove” our inclusiveness. Jeez.


3 Responses to “Convention Report”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I share your thoughts especially about the late opening, but since this was our first, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. The revised tally for Kamil was a surprise, but at least there will be one primary race for the GOP. The Scott Brown reception was impressive as was the support for Charlie Baker. It was interesting watching the media swarm around Christie prior to the vote, looking for a bombastic quote, I am sure. I believe that he learned his lesson, in the last gubernatorial race, when he attacked Kerry Healy and incurred the rath of the mainstream GOP. Bring on November!!

  2. Maria

    This was the cheapest convention I’ve ever attended. The parties on Friday night were disappointing. I waited 45 minutes for a shuttle from my hotel to the DCU and finally walked in the rain. The shuttles were inadequate throughout the convention. In 1990 and 1994 there were open bars in every suite, as well as wonderful food. The only candidate that gave me a free drink was Mary Z. I discovered after I was ripped off for the first $6 drink that someone was passing out “drink tickets.” There were two bars in the same room, one free with a “ticket,” one cash only. Three dollar cokes were at The Union Station.
    Did I mention that the food sucked? I remember cold cuts, shrimp and scallops wrapped in bacon This year I got hummus and pita chips everywhere I went. At least, Hudak had olives and potato puffs, which were not replenished. Several people left and went to retaurants. I never want to see hummus again.
    Another observation is that the venue sites were much too small. Karyn Polito’s was the worst I attended. There was a line to the a glass elevator to the 4th floor of Mawell’s that held about 15 people. At least 20 people packed in at a time just to be a sardine in a tin can where the celery sticks were all gone. The fire department should have shut down the place.
    The best party was the State Committee party at One Exchange Place. They had free punch, cheese,paella and the ubiquitous hummus. Again, the venue was too small for the crowd. When I was there people from The Union Station came in, very unhappy, that they were not allowed into Baker’s party due to overcrowding.
    Whoever was in charge of choosing this venue and selecting the hospitality suites should be shot.

  3. Maria

    I’ve had second thoughts. Maybe, shot is too severe. How about tying the planner(s) to a chair, outside in the rain, and force feeding him or her or them hummus and little dried pieces of bread and pita. Then, charging $3 for a sip of Cola or bottled water to wash it down?