Contrast And Compare…

Posted September 15th, 2015 by Iron Mike

CAUTION Hillary Fans:   Story and photos may induce PAIN and VOMITING!
Decorah, Iowa to Dallas, Texas   – 200  vs  20,000.   OUCH!
Mon 14 Sep 2015
Hillary was at Luther College yesterday – attempting to mock Trump to an intimate gathering of some 200 followers

Trump spoke to an overflow crowd of 20,000 in Dallas.

The local press gave Hillary credit for 500,  – but I can count.

Hillary at Luther College

She should be thoroughly embarrassed,  – but then, – even her husband having oral sex in the Oval Office failed to embarrass her.

By 1995 – she was used to it…

SO used to it that she routinely LIED to cover it up.

Donald spoke last night for over an hour – no teleprompter.  Reports are the crowd was very enthusiastic.

Trump - Reagan

By contrast, Hillary’s gathering seemed rather tepid.

Hillary's tiny crowd

So,…when do the Saudis, the Emirates, and the Kuwaitis start asking for their money back…?  Before or after a Federal Grand Jury issues an indictment…?

Hillary's aging hippies

Yes, – there is still plenty of time and plenty of opportunity for any of the candidates to implode,…

…but George Will may choke to death before Trump implodes.

Trump in Dallas

And the more unflattering the NY Times tries to portray him, – the more common folks become convinced that Donald is what the nation needs…

The Hillary speech at Luther College:  [55 views when posted]

Did they film from above to de-emphasize her hips…

The Trump speech in Dallas: [10,343 views when posted]

5 Responses to “Contrast And Compare…”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Hillary and her entourage are unembarrassable, they always have been and they will continue this character flaw until such time as Hillary is listed in the after
    Federal Prisoner data base. They will then continue to proclaim her innocence an no knowledge of both security regulations and Benghazi In spite of the overwhelming evidence and the judgement against her. The Hillaryites will forever stand by their woman.

  2. Flick

    Maybe Bubba’s holding the camera, after all this IS his favorite view of women. I’m a legman myself…

    I listened to some of her speech in the car, I was impressed that there will be millions of jobs available for solar panels and wind tubines. Maybe those Solyndra folks will be called back to work? The Q & A was definitely staged.

    Of note was the very shallow-sounding applause. When you can hear individual clapping, that is not a good thing.

    Margin calls!


    America is sick of unkept promises delivered by the political class. These are largely unkempt, and this brings us TRUMP. HIS PROMISES ARE SUPERFICIAL, WITH LITTLE EXPLANATION TO HOW HE WILL REALLY BE ABLE TO “FIX” THE PROBLEMS. IT APPEARS WE ARE DESPERATE FOR GOOD NEWS AND A CHANGE IN will be interesting to see how it all plays out……….

  4. Jim Gettens

    Trump is not what our Nation needs. BUT, if seduction by outright smoke-blowing demagogue is your thing, then Trump’s your man. We all should have learned our lessons about demagogues from 20th Century, a century of unparalleled EVIL perpetrated by demagogues who pandered to the masses and their prejudices.

    The wacko British Laborites just went with Corbyn. On our end we have Trump. Looks like history may be repeating itself on both sides of the Atlantic, in somewhat different ways.

  5. Kojack

    Anyone can make promises, especially in politics. John Bonehead, Mitch the Squish McConnel and Kelly what-should-I-do Ayotte are good examples of that.

    Not only have the RiNOs in congress not kept their
    promises they have betrayed the electorate by facilitating Obysmal and the democraps.

    When it comes to predicting whether or not a person will keep his/her promises the best reliable indicator of that is a person’s history and unlike the aforementioned RiNOs, Trump has a history of REAL WORLD, PRIVATE SECTOR accomplishments including projects he was asked to take over from NYC because they couldn’t get them done.