Conniption Fits, Constipation, & Hysteria!

Posted July 6th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The reliably left-leaning Supreme Court is changing under Trump,  – and there is nothing the Socialists can do about it….except take additional laxatives and hope to move the broccoli through their bowels.

It’s not really the Kennedy replacement they’re fretting about, – their old liberal buzzard is near death,  and her replacement will change things for at least 30 years!

Yes, the Court WILL change,  – it NEEDS to!

Our Constitution doesn’t ‘swing’ – and neither should the rulings of the justices. 

Their sole job is to measure laws and EOs against the words of our Constitution – and reject all that fail to measure up!

Ginsburg is 85,  and has been sanctioning the murder of unborn babies for 25 years,  – since appointed in 1993 by Bill Clinton.  I hope on her way to Hell,  she has to pass by each and every aborted baby…

Today the Lesbian/ Gay/ Transgender lobby and the Planned Murderhood lobby are poised to EXPLODE at whichever name Trump announces.  Somehow they fear losing ‘rights’ if a Conservative replaces Kennedy.

Or,…are they just looking to increase donations?

Think about it:  WHO will be making MONEY off this current fit of LGBTQ and “abortion rights’ hysteria?

In W-H-A-T way has Ruth Bader Ginsburg made our nation stronger or safer – over her 25 year career…?

2 Responses to “Conniption Fits, Constipation, & Hysteria!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    How’s that old McDonald’s commercial go: “I’m lovin’ it”!

  2. Mt Woman

    The City of Fitchburg held its annual Block Party on July 3. The local Republican group had a booth with a cardboard Donald Trump figure standing for photo ops. One man was seen cursing at the cardboard Donald, yelling at him, “FU” while continually giving him the middle finger salute. He was in his own little world as he seemed to really believe he was conversing with the real Trump. Funny thing, the real Trump seems to get his energy and drive from both supporters and detractors. SUPPORTERS SPUR HIM ON TO DO MORE; DETRACTORS SPUR HIM ON TO DO BETTER–WIN-WIN either way! You don’t have to love him, just admire his will and drive to make America Great Again. God Bless America and God Bless and keep safe Donald Trump!


    Hope you got a picture of the nut job…?