Connecticut’s Cowardly Democrats

Posted July 24th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Lilly-White Dems bow to the NAACP; – whitewash their Party History!
CT Dem State Committee
They’re suddenly ashamed of their two Slave-Owning FOUNDERS?

Since the Charleston Massacre, the NAACP is on a roll – a vigilante ride across the land to banish all symbols of slavery and the Confederacy.

So they pressured the Connecticut Democrap State Committee – a bunch of mobbed-up white guys – to stop holding their annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.

Race BaitersIt will now be called the Sharpton-Jackson Dinner!

Future dinners will include equal numbers of Whites,  Blacks,  Hispanics,  Muslims,  Illegals,  GLBTQs, plus Ward Churchill, Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Dolezal, and Senator Squaw.


The cost of these dinners will be raised to $200/plate – payable on your EBT Card.

Mister Balletto: – tear DOWN these walls!

What? You don’t know about New England’s stone walls – which used to divide the sheep pastures in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries?

Tear DOWN these walls

Why lo-and-BEHOLD, – they were built by runaway SLAVES! 

It was a dirty little secret of the so-called ‘Underground Railroad’ – the network of ‘anti-slavery’ Northerners who hid runaways as they moved north to slave-free Canada.

At each stop along the way, the runaways would build stone walls in payment for their food, lodging, and for hiding them from bounty hunters.

Today the abandoned sheep pastures have long gone back to being forests, but the testimony to those long weeks of slave labor remain.

Hey Balletto, think maybe you could get some of your illegal Mexican buddies to start working – to scatter these horrible monuments to White People taking advantage of Black People?

Maybe you could pay ’em in EBT Cards and free college tuition vouchers to UCONN…?


Folks, – do you think that any of the Democrats in Connecticut stopped for a moment to consider the IMAGE of their party caving in to the DEMANDS of a small minority?

Or were they more interested in avoiding the IMAGE of RACISM right before Lilly-White Bernie Sanders ran against Lilly-White Hillary Clinton…?

Will they stop wearing their Klan Robes to meetings?

Will they stop Planned Parenthood from murdering Black Babies?

Will they stop using welfare to keep Black voters conveniently stuck on the Black Voter Plantations of Bridgeport,  New Haven,  Waterbury, and Hartford?

Will they stop forcing Black kids to attend sub-standard union-run public schools where the Common Core curriculum continues to dumb them down into voting robots?

Will Connecticut Democrats abandon their soft racism of low expectations for Blacks – and end EEO/AA in hiring and school admissions – and begin to recognize and reward actual ability and achievement?

Do you think that for even a minute Chairman Balletto and his cowardly cronies considered telling the NAACP to fuck off and shove it up their ASS, – since Connecticut had lost over 4618 men fighting in the Civil War – to preserve the Union and FREE the slaves?

I don’t think they even knew their state’s History.

When they got that phone call their knees quivered and their spines melted.  Their FIRST THOUGHT [ maybe their ONLY thought] was to avoid bad headlines.

 No wonder they embrace Obama’s sellout to Iran!

No Folks, – the KEY reason Democrats are Democrats is because they never learned History, Geography, Economics, or Common Sense.

That’s why they still revere Margaret Sanger,…without having a CLUE what she believed in and worked for.  But even when they learn,  – their racism won’t allow them to disavow her;  – they just don’t talk about it.


Too bad unborn babies don’t have a National Association….

2 Responses to “Connecticut’s Cowardly Democrats”

  1. Len Mead

    you’re on FIRE today.
    Send this to Donald Trump — he’ll use it!
    Len Mead

  2. Paul J Baldi

    Well, at least the two casinos in CT are safe!
    The race baiters won’t make any headway with the “native”
    Americans who control the action. They can have the rest
    of the state.