Congressman Steve Stockman Gets 10 Years

Posted November 8th, 2018 by Iron Mike

A troubled man – but an untroubled crook gets to start a decade in the Federal Slammer – at age 61.  He served two separate terms in Congress,  95-97 and 2013-15.

He bilked good folks for a phony charity,  – ripped an 85 year old Baltimore philanthropist for hundreds of thousands of dollars.   In addition to his prison time – he’s been ordered to repay $1,014,000 to charitable donors.
The worst part?  This crook was a Texas Republican!

One Response to “Congressman Steve Stockman Gets 10 Years”

  1. Mt Woman

    Political affiliation has no limits on true criminal behavior despite what we as conservatives would like to believe. I guess the difference is when identified, Republicans are fired/step down from their positions and/or go to jail while liberals rationalize or deny the behavior and actions and call it a day.