Congressman Stephen Lynch: Spineless Putz!

Posted May 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Lynch the PutzSteve Lynch just demonstrated why he is unworthy to hold any office of responsibility – certainly not be a congressman – absolutely not a US Senator!

With the terrorist bombing of Boston just 20 days ago – he went on Fox and gave a pavlovian regurgitation of the Obama-Clinton-Rice talking points on Benghazi – then doubled down by denigrating the whistle blower witnesses who are about to testify.

Steve, sometimes in life you get just one (1) chance to do the right thingone chance to be a heroYou were a craven pussy!  What did they threaten you with Stephen?  202  225-8273

2 Responses to “Congressman Stephen Lynch: Spineless Putz!”

  1. Walter Knight

    Lynch, as a member of a House oversight committee, has access to the truth, and chooses to ignore his public trust responsibilities in favor of partison politics. He is corrupt. It’s all about spin, and fooling the stupid public again.

    Of course, many don’t care, as long as they get their free stuff.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Lynch is a corrupt progressive rubber stamp for Obama.